Demography is destiny

Original taken from napoleon_6 in Demographics is destiny

“Demography is destiny”, said Auguste Comte (Auguste Comte). “But also you can say” could add it. If the largest generation in American history – baby boomers – would consider that you will live longer, maybe they would have continued to buy shares. Instead, the cold hand of death lies on their shoulders, and the rest of the economy. The boomers will be retiring at a rate of 10 thousand people a day next eighteen years. They will sell shares to Fund the remainder of his days.
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The world is changing

Чья возьмет?
who will win?

There is a change of civilizations. Until now, European civilization was destroyed by barbarians. Is no exception. Now withered Europe will be captured without a single shot. As Libyan “leader of the revolution” Muammar Gaddafi, Allah brought Europe to us on a silver platter. Here is published a gloomy movie. Only, it should be noted that this is all about Continue reading “The world is changing”