“Nabooti”, prosecutorial and sapulci”: merry massacre in Kiev

Implacable, merciless and even insane war against corruption declared by Kiev, “pursuant to the European commitments of Ukraine”, entered into a decisive stage. I ran out of popcorn and so the next episodes of the “war” had to watch dry. It (the war) everything is fine: here’s a special COP unit CORD, the best-trained American instructors from Texas, where they twisted the tails of girls, stormed the Central office of the state border service. The centre of Kiev, just four minutes brisk walk to free toilet, located in the national Shrine – the “Maidan Nezalezhnosti”.
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Politics is a dirty business.

Politics is more dangerous than HIV, Cancer, more dangerous than any most awful Ebola in the world. It strikes not just the body, it strikes the soul and deprives all of humanity, is man to obtain a fraction of power as white and fluffy citizen, he turns into a monster ready to eat anyone who gets in the way, literally and figuratively…

We sit in the gazebo one of the country houses. The evening had just begun, so we are still sober and are quite unintelligible conversation.
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The gate for the juvenile justice system

Deputies of the State Duma that called left a door open. Taking the third reading of bills No. 953369-6 and No. 953398-6 elected officials opened the gate for deployment of juvenile justice in our country. Amendments to the Criminal code introduced into the legal field of the new subject – “a close person”, which in relation to other members of society the law will be selective.
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His Highness undertook the UK.

Original taken from anithing in HSH took over SK.

The staff of the Federal security service (FSB) in the investigation of criminal case about extortion of 8 million rubles were arrested the Deputy head of the Main investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) in Moscow Denis nikandrova and the head of the own security service of the RCDS Mikhail Maksimenko.

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The state Duma is going through, that can “freeze”

“The danger of a new cold war is growing,” reads the statement of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, prepared on 22 June 2016 Duma Committee on international Affairs, reports “Kommersant” with reference to Deputy Chairman of the Committee Svetlana Jurova.
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