How to share files in Linux. SSHFS. Part 2

Could not resist to continue the article on sshfs, a very convenient way of sharing files on the server. Will be considered automatically mounted on demand (on demand), i.e. mount a remote directory automatically when you open the designated folder in the file Manager (about working in the terminal will be silent). Automounting very well described in archwiki, and generally a good HOWTO there is a huge number. My goal is just to remind you that there is such a possibility because to the articles on this website, I sshfs also did not pay attention, but it was a very convenient thing. Therefore, the review is very short.

Key Master

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The good news of communism (2)

Recognition of the injustice of the world is not yet Manifest. About this property built by the people of the world wrote and spoke many thinkers. The Manifesto complements the historicity of injustice the most important discovery. For the first time the oppressed have opportunities and means to overcome the injustice of this world. It is a kind of social gospelwith which to turn the world Communist. And for its realization it is necessary to live and to die.
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Peshtigo horror 1871. Hypothesis

About Peshtigo horror” – here:

If clothing a and iron objects were heated to melting then this is a clear description of electromagnetic radiation of high power! Fits like a glove! Death is instantaneous! But where then is it? Still possible radiation type x-ray… but it is clearly no Coca fire do not, Vyasa temperature will burn the clothes in the first place!

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I don’t remember, it was just here or not, because so many who walked blog for some time. Although hardly anyone was, there was only father Michael, who all zablocie.

I was returning from the store, heat, stepped out of the Elevator, remember that become worthless, your heart, came out, tried the stairs down and fell head against his blunt, disconnected. Fortunately, the downstairs neighbor was found in his pocket and called the last phone, rushed the fool (the name will not sound). Soon, even the cops came, but because of the fixation of death was not, they left. As can be seen in the er, or something someone said, or have brought, in General, this idiot decided that I was dead. Brought into the 7th. He still was drunk, yelled at it, called the mother from the country, sent ex. Lifted all on ears. I woke up without documents, because he took them and, phone, keys. This moron’s night came to an apartment, and the laptop started to write garbage, and one of the laptops he took with him.
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5 books for the summer, which advises you to read bill gates


Bill gates is one of the few really famous in the industry of people who regularly voiced their list of books to read. He was echoed by a young colleague — mark Zuckerberg — Facebook specially created in a separate community A Year of the Book, which together choose the most significant book of the year. Also online you can find other selections of literature that are particular prominent in their field the person considers important, but, apparently, only bill gates can get real feedback and learn that he prefers to read the richest man on Earth. The former head of Microsoft for this purpose have a personal blog, where he describes his impressions of new products.
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Theoretically possible space mega structure

Perhaps the bulk of science fiction for all time of its existence — since the “Flight to the moon direct in 97 hours and 20 minutes” by Jules Verne — one way or another operates the Grand products of the scientific-engineering thoughts. With the development progress expanded the boundaries of imagination of scientists and writers, and today in science fiction and fantasy literature already described engineering structures which are in scale and audacity of the plan deserve the term “mega structure”. We decided to collect a kind of the rating of such structures. With some of them you already know, and some will be new.
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[Translation] Ask Ethan No. 76: the very early universe

What happened when it was so hot that matter and antimatter were formed spontaneously?

From the special theory of relativity implies that mass and energy are different manifestations of the same concept to the average mind is unfamiliar.
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As the origin of man is reflected in the genes

Recently, a video of The DNA Journey of the Danish company Momondo showed what effect can produce on the people the results of a genetic test to determine the composition of populations. Live people declared that they are not as full-blooded as it seemed to them — and then the emotions, tears and tickets to their historical homeland. Such analysis can be carried out not only in Europe and America. Russian genetic testing, Atlas is able to determine the origin, population structure and the percentage of Neanderthal genes. Behind all these studies is an interesting story, which we now briefly describe.

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