Badgery more efficient air conditioning system

While we all toil from the heat and live only at the expense of air conditioning or fans for a couple of thousand years, there is a device that is so efficient that it makes life tolerable even in the desert, and cools the water almost to the freezing point. Badgery is Persian scoops that have made a home in the desert in a cool home. Besides, they are not without exotic aesthetics and rustic elegance.

бадгиры ветроуловители персия иран архитектура ирана отвратительные мужики disgusting men
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Original taken from chipstone in the PRO-PUTIN CALENDAR FOR 2016 “BLEW up” the INTERNET

Original taken from matveychev_oleg in the PRO-PUTIN CALENDAR FOR 2016 “BLEW up” the INTERNET

The world policy became heroes of the new edition, made on motives of a film “White sun of the desert”


Alternative version istorii. The history of the battle of kurukṣetra.

Original taken from marafonec in the History of the battle of kurukṣetra.


As burned earth third thermonuclear war? What are the origin of the steppes of India, deserts of Kazakhstan and Sugar?
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Hero for raspizdyaystvo!

Kungurov asks the eternal question: the pilot of the downed plane was given the hero of Russia?

But a hero is not enough, you’ll see. Already actively discussed the renaming of the lane near the Embassy in Turkey, the name of the hero and the installation of his bust in front of the damn Embassy. Pedestal with a stern look, the pilot will drill filthy Turks, poisoning their lives every day, according to the authors of the appeal to the Moscow authorities. The liberals own icon in the form of Nemtsov and the place where he was shot, patriotov now has its own icon is in the form of a pilot, shot down bomber.
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10 incredible and inexplicable wonders of nature

Original taken from irnella in 10 incredible and inexplicable wonders of nature

Original taken from drumsmen in 10 incredible and inexplicable wonders of nature

We absorb the daily routine, so we rarely aware of the fact that I live in one of the most beautiful and mysterious planets. Our life flows surrounded by many wonderful phenomena that man still to solve is not given. Just enjoy this amazing and mysterious world! We are pleased to invite You to a photographic journey through the most interesting places of our native Land.

1. Crater hill and mount Baldy
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Nazca: loess and geoglyphs

It was shown on TV the biologist who analyzed the soil of the Nazca desert.

This loess, consisting of vegetable particles and characteristic hyperplanes climate.
There at a depth of 20 inches was found unthinkable in the desert snail shells.

The geoglyphs found in 1939, the son of German immigrants, a historian named Paul Cosquer.
Field research in Peru, the Cosquer conducted twice: in 1940-1941 1948-1949 yy and Both times AFTER the discovery of geoglyphs.
Write that in the 1930-ies the cultural centre actively collaborates with archaeologist Richard P. Schaedel.
There is such. A leading specialist in Peru born in 1920. In 1930th years it was from 10 to 20 years.

From 1940 the German studies geoglyphs Maria Reiche – as many as eight (!) years.
And only in 1947 the presence of geoglyphs documented by photos.
In 1948, the discoverer of the object world level Paul Cosquer retired.
Unique world heritage site, the Nazca announced only in 1995.
Scientists reacted to the discovery of Maria Reiche is ambiguous.
Mary herself was paid by the company for preservation of the Nazca desert, as well as the work of assistants and guards.
I find that it has invested heavily in the lobbying of the necessary decisions.
Wrote a book “The Mystery of The Desert” and the money there.
Amazing coincidence – on the geoglyph “hands” on one of the hands 5 fingers, and on the other — 4. Maria Reiche was missing the middle finger on his left hand.
This georgef.

The same problem with the toes and monkey. Apparently, it’s a family.

But the Maria Reiche. The character is evident. And suitable hand – peasant.
It is seen that finger isn’t enough. I saw this on a female sculptor, which is a very typical injury.
She education strange: studied at the University of mathematics, astronomy, geography and foreign languages.
Neither history nor archaeology have not studied.
In 1932, the Reich began work as a nanny and children teacher of the German Consul in Cusco, Peru.
This is a very good job for the nanny, who knew five languages.
The first thing she found and Cosquer, are lines converging in the winter and summer solstice.
That’s what she studied astronomy! Without it, the cultural centre of the topic are not pulled out.
Writing, and mathematics in the construction of the geoglyphs was, moreover, quite complex. And here is Maria with the formation of guessed!

Close to Nazca is the plateau Palpa.
The plateau is decorated with Nazca airfield with a length of about 2 km is good for the 1930-ies of the runway.

Ibid. and autographs builders. Write that letter these dimensions of 100 x 100 meters.
Right beside it, and the geoglyph with the Diplodocus has, but something it not really a PR.

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