Ancient artifacts, disappeared in the depths of history

In science there is no place for superstition and magic. Throughout history no one scientific question not found any magical solutions, while the reverse happens all the time.

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The recipe is “clean” Olympic games from Guardian


The Guardian newspaper came up withhow to get rid of corruption and other scandals at the Olympic games. Finally a bright mind democratic journalist brought the benefit of mankind!
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It is a monument destroyed 82 children

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Original taken from rama909 in This monument destroyed 82 children

This sculpture of Marie Uchytilova created in the memory of them. June 10, 1942, SS troops surrounded Lidice; the entire male population older than 16 years (172 people) were executed. Lidicka women (172 people) were sent to the concentration camp ravensbrück (60 of them died in the camp). Of the children (105 persons) had left the children under one year of age and children suitable for Germanization.

The rest (82 people) were killed in the death camp near Chelmno, 6 more children died. All the buildings of the village were burnt and razed to the ground. By the morning of 11 June, the village of Lidice was only a bare ashes. The children were killed, but the memory of them will remain in the form of a monument near the village of Lidice. 82 bronze statues, 40 boys and 42 girls, watching us, and are reminded of the massacre by the Nazis… That you need to remember…

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Hitler did not believe…

A month after the outbreak of war the Nazis (allegedly) destroyed the air forces of the Soviet Union. In this way, then balaboly solidarity with bullshit (“liberals”, anti-Soviet), the current (and other Rezun). However it is unclear if anyone to Sep destroyed on vostochnom front almost all of the Luftwaffe (i.e., number of aircraft with which the Germans entered the war) is not clear. Well, okay.
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New Zealand will destroy all the predators

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The New Zealand government took the unprecedented decision — to destroy all carnivorous animals in the territory of the island nation. According to him, by 2050, the country should not remain possums, weasels and other predators. Amnesty subject only to Pets.

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Microsoft is increasingly using Linux

Microsoft и Linux

Every third car in Microsofts Azure Cloud installed Linux — declared legal expert mark Russinovich. Thus, the share of Linux has increased from 1/4 to 1/3. Meanwhile, it seems that the company is no longer bad news, though critics still claim it’s “Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish” (maintain, build and destroy) — strategy . “Infect” free technology proprietary components to gradually, step by step to learn

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The Decembrists against the Russian state

Source: Military review

One of the most important issues in modern Russia is the problem of the unity of our state, support external and internal enemies of separatism (from lat. separatus – separate, the desire to separate, to stand apart; a movement for the secession and creation of a new public education), ethnic separatism. The external and internal enemies of the Russian civilization want to continue the process of disintegration of the country (the first stage – the collapse of the Soviet Union), to divide territory, to destroy our armed forces, to cause chaos and civil war. This should once and for all solve the “Russian question” to destroy Russian statehood and to exterminate the Russian people.
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