GON from Mikhalkov

Broadcast from the TV screen and strongly to condemn something that he previously tacitly approved is a sure thing. But all this has now become possible, and fashionable – here and broadcast. Say “shut up” – shut up and switch to something that will become a new topic, which can send curses against unnamed enemies. It is in the instinct of such people like Mikhalkov. Literally like rutting animals. Only this error is not corrected, and does not save Russia.
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Beach time

The whole screen conditional welfare, the shining shop Windows of shopping centres, the ability of the population nor romalino to relax, “beautiful” life of the tradesman, is a social disaster. The decrease in the level of education – they are not happy with 50% of the population, the withdrawal from life perfect and its replacement by material aims, almost violent inculcating liberal, Pro-Western values in former Soviet people, now Russians, had led to metaphysical, ideological collapse. Note – not the Russian people, in official speeches, this is not to say, and the Russians.
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Democracy in Russia always turns into a dictatorship of petty shop-keepers and scoundrels

USSR – secret hidden Russian liberals under the cover of lies

Former Chairman of the KGB of the USSR and General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee since 1982, Yuri Andropov was saying, being the head of the Soviet Union that generations of Soviet people born in 60 – 70s years of the 20th century did not know the country in which they live.
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The function of the ancient city

A town near Leptis Magna in Libya consists almost exclusively of urban infrastructure.

The amphitheatre, temples, squares and evenly sliced to the street. Foundations residential sector personally I don’t see.
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