Have lost a hand, the woman received one of the most advanced bionic implants in the world

Melissa Loomis (Loomis Melissa) living in Canton (Ohio, USA), lost an arm in 2015. She was bitten by a raccoon, and although the damage was not too strong, the infection in the wound caused severe infection. Focus of infection was situated in the forearm, which had to be amputated because it was the very life of the patient.
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Today the Church commemorates the Apostles Peter and Paul. When I went to the service, it occurred to me that Peter and Paul were so different in their natures. Peter is always the first to respond to the words of the Savior, and consequently, quality cannot always lift the burden on their forces. And Paul, sober and very consistent in their deeds and words. Not to say that fire and flame, but all totally different in temperament people.
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“In a shipwreck, saved despite the differences”

Remembers the first ever meeting between the Moscow Patriarch and the Pope in Havana? What are the prospects of dialogue between the two churches? “Tatyanin day” meets Professor of the Moscow theological Academy Archpriest Maxim Kozlov.

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Statistics of the orientation of temples

So, for the solution of our question let’s return to the topic that excited the minds of the public some time ago, namely to the orientation of the churches on the earth. Still popular idea that it is possible to find the old North pole. Some time ago I was trying to deal with this topic, what with the beautiful website temples.ru , many thanks to its creators, has been downloaded a list of surviving churches built 1400-1760, then the first 500 randomly selected were 200, then 100 for the first of them I found in GoogleMaps the azimuth of the entrance is the altar. For the first hundred enthusiasm have dried up, then tried to process the results. Turned out to be picture similar to a normal distribution, but two peaks at 75 and 90 degrees approximately.

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The orientation of the Danube and the lake. Balaton

Original taken from bskamalov in Well along and across korzenny in Heipke BALATON we could correctly measure ?

Did not work, the arms were crooked. Rivers put in straight, but everything on latitude, one can see where the “herd”.

By the way the farther in Gaopu, the more polishe the angle between the poles and then during was French the diagram with North to the right corner.
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