Do microbes space station

People have very different ideas about the number and danger of microflora in space stations. Someone thinks that there is sterile, and who believe in horror stories about the fungi that almost ate the station “Mir” and the microorganisms-mutants that infected astronauts. The reality, of course, is between these extremes, but towards which pole it is closer?
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Neurolinguist Tatiana Chernigovskaya: How the Internet affects our brain

Neurolinguist and experimental psychologist, doctor of Philology and biology, corresponding member of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences Tatiana Chernigovskaya gave a lecture on “How the Internet has changed our brain” in which he dispelled the popular stereotypes about the brain and told why Google and online education is not as useful as they seem. Here is a brief synopsis of this lecture.

Нейролингвист Татьяна Черниговская: Как Интернет влияет на наш мозг
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Yellowstone. A glass of tea twelve. Last

What threatens the population of the United States (call it the community of different races, religions, and bluish-pink of tolerance with people I did not get). What happened in Turkey and how it relates to manic idea of the author about the suicide bombing of the Yellow stone.

For those who first turned to this series of articles, reported that beginning here:
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On the mutual pride of generations with each other

In Russia the traditional notions of the family was not given the chain of generations to crumble until the end. Peregrev the exuberance of youth, the youth suddenly discovers the ideals of their parents. I can see different young people of different ages. Not all, but many, entering the age of men, suddenly begin to speak on topics and the language, and against whom was directed the liberal propaganda of the last quarter century.
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Badgery more efficient air conditioning system

While we all toil from the heat and live only at the expense of air conditioning or fans for a couple of thousand years, there is a device that is so efficient that it makes life tolerable even in the desert, and cools the water almost to the freezing point. Badgery is Persian scoops that have made a home in the desert in a cool home. Besides, they are not without exotic aesthetics and rustic elegance.

бадгиры ветроуловители персия иран архитектура ирана отвратительные мужики disgusting men
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