The remaining live forever

In 1943, the Soviet troops 18 days from 13 to 31 August stormed the 278 – Saur-grave. Then the whole slope soaked with blood of our grandfathers and great grandfathers. After 71 years in August 2014, fighters of the brigade “East” of Donetsk national Republic came to the defense of the mound. The film tells about the courage of the soldiers who repulsed the Ukrainian junta.
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Children’s fairy tale from our childhood

Original taken from drumsmen in children’s fairy tale from our childhood

Not the most colourful, not the most fun and not the adventure cartoon from our childhood will forever remain in the hearts of each of us. Can you not love him, but not remember — it is impossible. It’s a classic. Many famous quotations no worse than “the Little Prince” Saint-Exupery, only native characters, Hedgehog and Bear, so close, clear and touching…

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