Digital bartender. Arduino project for adult beginners in electronics. Part 1

I have a lot of friends. Young men, middle-aged men and of course ladies of all ages. Probably all. It is difficult to determine the age of the modern woman. Yes, and not very desirable.

So. The children of my friends and acquaintances to the best of their ability, I take electronics. Build little robots, beetles, fireflies of all sorts, and even lightsabers. Children almost always work and of course, they run to brag about animated electronics parents. And so over and over again. But one day one of my friends, looking for another surge of pride in his daughter says – I want to delve into this electronics and programming, and maybe even something to solder. No question. Let me show you how to build a robot on a wheeled platform. Will travel along the strip on the floor. Or game will do, Python for example, or just pomogaem LEDs, or … went Through many examples. It turns out if for beginners, all some baby, if not for children, it is absolutely not for beginners. Something is wrong! Need lessons for BEGINNERS, ADULTS electronics. Let it be – digital bartender or a machine for mixing cocktails.
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from A. P. Devyatov. Great Game – the composition of 2025

Original taken from cycyron in the Big Game – the composition of 2025

February 16th, 2016 AUTHOR: Andrey Devyatov

As in the days of Rudyard Kipling in the Great Game 2025 there will be three main players and “jackass.” Con clash of civilizations: the world of the Western heirs of Rome Peace of Islam in the form of a Third World war, a new hybrid type will end with a military victory of a New Caliphate is a political benefit to the “House of Jacob”: the international Jews. The model of the post-Big Game, as before, will be “Casino Royale” with the drawing of the balance of powers in the card game of bridge (bridge to future). As the owner of a casino off stage events has long been a proponent of “phantom entity” with the name “Chaldean sages” (the warlocks, Kabbalists).
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Digital slavery (collection of cartoons).

Traditional collection of cartoons decided to dedicate a digital slavery. This, of course, “Bayan” about Facebook as facbook, but about it would be appropriate to recall)
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