Friday. Beyond time and space!

Tothe Committee of our GStates and Bsafety lived, lives and will live! Forever!

Original taken from zolotaya_dolina in Friday. A tavern out of time and out of space!

A masterpiece by far. Direct nothing to comment, everything in its place Powder probably already under the table.
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from the polynkov . about the war, lies, etc.

Original taken from polynkov to CALL “BAKSAN” ON the REVERSE SIDE of the MINSK AGREEMENTS , the CONCEALMENT of LOSSES, MUCH more

The main driving force of volunteer is a keen sense of justice. Alexander Rublev, call “Baksan”, in this respect, is not exactly an exception.

In this sense of justice is sensitive to such an extent that it loses all other senses. Including the sense of security. When it comes to truth and justice, Alexander thinks of himself last. These people crank call. Some say that simplicity is worse than theft, and these people I love. From them, do not wait sneaking. It’s the people justice and honor. And silent they will not. Even though the direct threat to his life.
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“Morons!”(C) Lavrov

Originally posted by arctus at the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation was not able to officially comment on the case of Mannerheim”

The success of domestic medicine and other “tails”

1. Cyborgs are coming. On the Russian bioprinter printed working body, which successfully settled down on laboratory mice. Simultaneously came the news about a unique operation in St. Petersburg the difficult patient doctors are replaced by dentures at once five (!) cancer of the cervical vertebrae:
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A landmark event

Over a hundred years ago Leo Tolstoy has proven that Christianity is a Jewish sect created by the Jew Paul – Pawlenty

Dad, with which obasalsya Patriarch Kirill has confirmed the correctness of the words of Leo Tolstoy recently – Christians are the younger brothers of the Jews.
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The use of combat robots FSB against terrorists in the North Caucasus

Original taken from balbesus in the Application of combat robots FSB against terrorists in the North Caucasus


On the website of the National antiterrorist Committee (NAC) was published news about the next operation to neutralize the bandit underground. Remarkable shots were sliced with operational video, which shows combat robot FSB installed machine (gun) on Board.
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