The formation of hydrocarbons

Evgeniy Philippov wrote:

…about the Genesis of hydrocarbons, methane and oil

“Vitaly fleed, head of the Department of physical chemistry, Moscow Institute of fine chemical technology. M. V. Lomonosov, doctor of chemical Sciences:“In several countries — the U.S., Japan, us Troitsk — built setup for simulation of the formation of hydrocarbons from carbonates and water in the presence of bivalent iron. If you mix calcium carbonate or magnesium with a solution of iron salts and heat at high pressure, as shown by our study, totally reliable formation of hydrocarbons. At least methane. This gas from beneath the Earth through channels in the rocks comes to the surface in the direction of motion undergoing various reactions to form heavier hydrocarbons. That is oil.”A friend writes: “I think everything is already understood that this is nonsense — what about the remains of ancient animals”
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Zucchini rolls with cheese and garlic

Original taken from mysea in Rolls of zucchini with cheese and garlic

Original taken from tatiaz in Rolls of zucchini with cheese and garlic

Let’s take one more quick one on ruletikom this until all the zucchini flood. Well, very tasty.

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10 Aug 2016. Donetsk. Chronicles night of the armistice, and a summary of Donbass

00:50 the Shelling of the Petrovsky district.
• Sokolovská street in houses damaged glazing.
02:00 Abakumov: close audible gaps.

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Another smart house in a few parts. Weather station from scrap materials

Looking through the various projects of weather stations, I noticed a trend. This sensor, temperature and humidity, most beloved Chinese DHT-11 or DHT-22, which add either a light sensor (weather Station on Arduino with data visualization) or pressure (Ethernet station), or the purchase heaped many hundred dollars basedAutomatic weather station in the country)

As for me personally — weather station without measuring the direction and speed of wind is not a meteorological station, and to spend about 700USD on a large toy, I’m not ready, it was decided to make like a “honey-fancy” but zanedorogo.
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Sdig Poles. As it can be.

Onbargenie parameters a Large shift. Part 1

Original taken from sokura in the Discussion of the parameters of the Big shift. Part 1


Khovansky inspired.

Summer. The streets are empty, the smell of wet asphalt, which leaves a sprinkler, and greens. I’m going off shift, satisfied, already drunk, waiting for a nice weekend in the company of brunettes, blondes, and possibly some red beast. In which the pocket begins to vibrate the phone while he figured out which of the three pipes, rings, all was quiet. I looked at the screens – missed: Serge.
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14.07.16. Message from the militia, war correspondents and journalists

Message from the militia.

“Novoazovskiy R-n: on the frontline fighting. AFU used mortars and artillery. Gorlovka shelling Zaitsev APU hooked up armored vehicles. Beating up on the housing estate. Maori-Zaitsev: APU positions continues to be used as a tank. Aside Verhnetoretskogo Partizan – Red is infantry combat with mortars. Svetlodarsk direction also woke up. Powerful and intense battle. In the South-West, the South, the battle continues, heard heavy rumblings. Northwest noise. Also unrest in the South”.
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We in the EU tradition. Once in a century my friends are going to the Reich and climb into the den to bear…

Well, that ended the next summit of the next Reich (crossed out), NATO. The Baltic States and Poland was divided into occupation (crossed out), in a democratic area. Canada went to Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Estonia, Britain, and Poland decided to occupy (crossed out) to free the Empire of Good. Simultaneously, the forces of the Empire of Good legally removed from under jurisdicti of the host country, freed thus from any responsibility for their actions – strictly in accordance with the passionate speech of Adolf Aloizycha: “