Antiquity and the Great geographical discoveries

was this the almanac of Science and peace and in the issue for the end of the 70 years I’ve read a note about that on the Gulf of Mexico found the whole amphora drevneishih coins and jewelry and Roman, ukrasheniya also found in godforsaken Polynesia among the ruins of buildings which zatepleny in connection with the lowering of the shore

Such evidence quite a lot. Working version: new land began to open in antiquity, then, was a disaster and break and then the earth began to rediscover and perekrashivat anew, and the value of the representatives of the new era were already other: local churches for they are not built, and immediately set about draining resources.

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The greatest floods in history. What are the real disaster behind ancient myths?

Original taken from terrao in the Greatest floods in history. What are the real disaster behind ancient myths?

When broke through the Bosporus?

MY COMMENT: I don’t remember, someone put the question this way.

The black sea was actually an inland sea at one time of the Ottomans, and then the Two Empires. While the Ottomans not weakened, so that through the Danubian Principality to the sea rushed the Europeans (Austria-Hungary in particular). Here then was a situation of internationalization of the pool. The same France, building a trusting relationship with the Porte, had views of the dock in the black sea region. After 1848, when dramatically changed the attitude of the former allies against Napoleon to Russia and there was danger of the appearance of European armies in the black sea.
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The reasons of activation of parasites.

Dsalary Smotrina K. V. B. E. G. “disasters and catastrophes is the main threat to planetary and Eurasian security at the entrance to III Millennium BC.”

Halford Mackinder: Who owns the Heartland owns the world island, who owns the world island, possesses the world“.
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Reconstruction – short

The key root of the problem – mass to adjust the values of old words and concepts to the standards of the 18th-19th centuries.

Roughly speaking, where it should translate “Junior is absolutely dependent relative”, a “slave”.
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