Typhoon "Lionrock"… not washed Vladivostok

Frightened we frightened a few days… this Typhoon. Then he added that he can connect with a following cyclone.

MOE even recommended to refrain from traveling (and from work is not recommended? – ironically asked a colleague of mine), stock up on “matches with bread and water”…
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The disaster to Concorde near Paris — how and why?

Original taken from ihoraksjuta in the Disaster to Concorde near Paris — how and why?

July 25, 2000 took place the most horrible flight of the ship “Concord.” The disaster claimed the lives of 113 people and put an end to supersonic passenger aviation. Amazingly, remained video of the incident.

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Lunar Scam USA: American on the moon corner-cube reflectors is not, and Soviet – have!

Originally posted by matveychev_oleg at lunar Scam USA? WAS NOT POWERFUL ENGINES!

This year will mark the 45th anniversary of the American Scam “moon landing”, and this theme begins to slowly take the starting position, in this connection, one commenter suggested I look at an Internet discussion between volunteers of the USA in Russia (“the distributor NASA”) and skeptics. But this discussion already extends over 800 pages and I actually don’t have so much time on it.
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Sverdlovskaya sniper. Record SVLK-14

When I published an article about the sniper rifle ORSIS T-5000, I was reproached that I forgot about the rifle Lobaeva. I haven’t forgotten. In proof of which placed this material on a long-range rifle-the record SVLK-14C.
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Conspirology. Ritual magic to help politicians

The conspiracy theory assigns to individuals and small groups supernatural powers of control and management of complex social and political processes, representing any private conflict as part of the universal struggle between good and evil… I Wonder how these processes treats memocode

Frektalnye news. Updated 15.02.2016

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