To host the European football fans

Instead of giving millionaires a football field, let’s re the world Cup will have on them championship Amateurs

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Belarus has introduced administrative liability for possession of unlicensed audio/video files

Under part 2 article 9.21 of the administrative offences Code of Belarus was amended. Now administrative responsibility (a fine) is provided not only for the distribution of pirated audio/video files, but and “possession with intent to distribute”.

The minimum fine for individuals for these violations will have 30 basic units (from 6 300 000 rubles and 630 rubles after denomination, $300), for legal entities it will be 100 basic units (21 million rubles, 2100 rubles after denomination, $1000).
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Venezuela: education-bolivariansky.

Here all very often talk about Venezuela as about neftekamskoy the country that there is nothing other than “oil”. In this post I’d like to open a small secret: here has recently produced and computers. Not for sale, it’s strange-and utterly enrage the skeptics of the future of Venezuela. Produced computers handed out to pupils and students. And now a few specific facts:
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First results


Treated the selection as a whole, and have the opportunity to see the entire picture – albeit in the most General terms.
I recall in the sampling of natural disasters from 33 to 1933, inclusive (1054 all, part of the years without disasters).

Took regions of the Old world, i.e. Europe, North Africa and the Byzantine Empire with the Caucasus, appear in the Ancient world.
Refused inclusion in the sample resettlements, expulsions and mass repressions, without them it would be more accurate.
Russia is not included due to the originality. In the standard concept of “Old world” Russia, I somehow didn’t fit.
Main purpose: search of recurring events, e.g., tsunami in Northern Africa or the drought in Germany.
In itself, the repetition of the cataclysm means nothing, but if in year ten, and eight of them were repeated in the same interval, this is important.
Did the principled thing: dipped recurrence within the year.
If passed in Germany for the year 14 of epidemics, I leave you all alone – the fact of the epidemic in the region in a certain year.
While defeats more than victories. But there was certainty.
IMPORTANT: (late comment) as it turns out, I have incorrectly sorted the finished array. Remade. Conceptualize.

So we have 6562 events from 33 in 1933. That’s how they were distributed by region:
699 Italy
644 Germany
580 Europe Eastern
562 Western Europe
531 Turkey
524 France
435 Europe in General
432 Britain
274 Asia antique (Crescent)
249 Transcaucasia
243 Baltic
216 Iberian Peninsula
188 Greece
187 North Africa
174 the Alps
151 Europe North
150 Iceland
118 the World as a whole
90 South Europe
65 Macaronesia
35 Asia Western
15 East Africa (Ethiopia)
And that’s how they were distributed across types of disasters:
1537 Epidemic
738 Earthquake
437 Eruption
427 Hurricanes
415 Tsunami
398 Precipitation
388 Fires
362 Cold
325 Flood
280 Hunger
234 Comets and meteorites
218 Heat, drought
166 Mass psychosis
106 Signs
98 Storm surges
98 Locust and pests
80 Epizootic
80 crop damage
77 Ash, smoke
71 Chemical effects
27 Electrical phenomena
Hyperkalaemia with lots of variety of disasters and have a lot of correlations in other years.
Here is an example. Disaster 1347-1349, has in 1348 39 events and correlations – only in the 1780s years as much as 286.
Only this year has 1059 correlations.

Here is the distribution of the number of disasters of the Old world. A familiar failure in the 18th century. The peak at 1348.

And here is the distribution of correlations disasters. Pretty good.
In fact, correlations are halved, I just don’t have time to clean my mirror duplicates.

But the ratio of the number of correlations to the number of disasters. And the dynamics here are different.

And here I marked the years with at least 5 disasters and not less than 80 (actually 40) correlations.
It’s pretty tough conditions, and ancient catastrophes such requirements are not satisfied.

Now the same thing, but bigger and in the period. Here only labels.
Despite the fact that in the 19th century began the rapid development of seismology, Volcanology, meteorology, dramatically increased the number of observations, the world was covered by a mass of information networks, appeared in the media, and the ratio of the number of correlations to the disasters fell sharply.
The reason: up until the early 19th century the correlations are of abnormal character, and indicate the duplication and the rendition of documents.
It is also important concentration correlations at the beginning of the era of Great geographical discoveries.
For the simple reason that geographical discoveries strongly smeared by the paper scale, and with them udeblivelse and disasters.

The instrument was found not just good, but extraordinary importance. Was b lab, would upload to the fullest.
A dozen doctoral staff here definitely has )

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