And then what?

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Putin in the Duma introduced a document on the indefinite location of the aircraft in Syria

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Путин внес в Госдуму документ о бессрочном размещении авиации в Сирии

President Vladimir Putin submitted for ratification to the state Duma a draft agreement between Russia and Syria on the indefinite location of the air group of the Russian armed forces at the aerodrome Hamim (province of Latakia). Document published on Tuesday, August 9, in the database of the lower house of Parliament.
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I don’t remember, it was just here or not, because so many who walked blog for some time. Although hardly anyone was, there was only father Michael, who all zablocie.

I was returning from the store, heat, stepped out of the Elevator, remember that become worthless, your heart, came out, tried the stairs down and fell head against his blunt, disconnected. Fortunately, the downstairs neighbor was found in his pocket and called the last phone, rushed the fool (the name will not sound). Soon, even the cops came, but because of the fixation of death was not, they left. As can be seen in the er, or something someone said, or have brought, in General, this idiot decided that I was dead. Brought into the 7th. He still was drunk, yelled at it, called the mother from the country, sent ex. Lifted all on ears. I woke up without documents, because he took them and, phone, keys. This moron’s night came to an apartment, and the laptop started to write garbage, and one of the laptops he took with him.
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The Decembrists against the Russian state

Source: Military review

One of the most important issues in modern Russia is the problem of the unity of our state, support external and internal enemies of separatism (from lat. separatus – separate, the desire to separate, to stand apart; a movement for the secession and creation of a new public education), ethnic separatism. The external and internal enemies of the Russian civilization want to continue the process of disintegration of the country (the first stage – the collapse of the Soviet Union), to divide territory, to destroy our armed forces, to cause chaos and civil war. This should once and for all solve the “Russian question” to destroy Russian statehood and to exterminate the Russian people.
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WikiLeaks has released 300 thousand Turkish documents. Turkey blocked access to the site

Despite the massive DDoS attack, activists, Wikileaks has kept his promise and tonight we published the first 300 000 documents of the Turkish archive ” AKP Emails. It included copies of e-mails members of the ruling party AKP (Party of justice and development), behind the incumbent President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Recep Tayyip Talks.

The first part of the archive includes the contents 762 mailbox with the letter “A” to the letter “I”, a total of 548 294 texts with thousands of attached files.
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Scum hit a single point

The Directive on the reduction of troops in combat readiness were given to the troops on June 18!!!

The myth that Stalin slept through the war and the troops were not brought to combat readiness (a significant part osobno on the direction of the main attack, where he commanded a scoundrel Pavlov) because Stalin prevented the scoundrel came up with the beetles.
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