WikiLeaks has released 300 thousand Turkish documents. Turkey blocked access to the site

Despite the massive DDoS attack, activists, Wikileaks has kept his promise and tonight we published the first 300 000 documents of the Turkish archive ” AKP Emails. It included copies of e-mails members of the ruling party AKP (Party of justice and development), behind the incumbent President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Recep Tayyip Talks.

The first part of the archive includes the contents 762 mailbox with the letter “A” to the letter “I”, a total of 548 294 texts with thousands of attached files.
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The Moscow city court declined to make the decision to block copies and mirrors Rutracker

The Moscow city court judge Alexandra Lopatkina refused to make a decision on locking mirrors torrent tracker Rutracker, write “RIA Novosti”. The decision of the judge motivated by the fact that the plaintiffs did not (or could not) specify “domain names copies of the mentioned website and its derivative sites, their network addresses that are not confirmed by the fact of their existence.”

On the basis of this was rendered the following decision: “the Court refuses satisfaction of requirements of the claimant about the permanent limitation of access to copies of the mentioned website or derived from the sites hosted in the information-telecommunication network “Internet” under different domain names or other network locations, including in cases when they are accessed in the order of forwarding with the specified domain name”.
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[Sandbox] RuTracker for 6 years pays for the domain

Almost 6 years ago, on 17 February 2010, one of the most popular Russian torrent trackers (now has lost its domain name. The Registrar at the time of preliminary investigation suspends the delegation of a domain upon receiving an appropriate request from law enforcement.

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How to fight crime? To increase domain prices

The head of the “coordination center of TLD ru” Andrey Vorobev has explainedthe reason for high crime in Runet.

“Cheap domains plus liberal registration rules, which allow foreign citizens and organizations to register domains safely, lead to the fact that in our domain area comes a large number, if not fraud, then at least the people registering domains with explicitly illegal purposes,” he said, speaking on February 9 at the summit of the Cyber Security Forum.
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The holders intend to razdelyvanie domain

After blocking the torrent tracker Rutracker in Russia, audience share has declined. Assessment of Roskomnadzor, the drop in attendance was about 30%, according to the administration of the tracker, the negative dynamics is not that significant (estimate drop here 10-15%). However, one thing is clear — more and more Russians are learning to use tools to bypass the lock. Fortunately, these tools are completely legal, as reported by Roskomnadzor.

Copyright holders this is not too satisfied, and the number of companies planning to achieve lock domain, write “Izvestia” and Torrentfreak. To do this planning, the national Federation of the music industry, which includes Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music and other labels.
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