[Translation] Why does skin wrinkles in water

Some parts of human skin on which the hair grows, have a unique reaction to contact with water. Unlike the rest of the body, the skin on the fingers and toes, the palms and soles wrinkled after getting wet. Usually it is enough five minutes.
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Peshtigo horror 1871. Hypothesis

About Peshtigo horror” – here: http://catastrophe1707.blogspot.ru/2011/03/1871.html

If clothing a and iron objects were heated to melting then this is a clear description of electromagnetic radiation of high power! Fits like a glove! Death is instantaneous! But where then is it? Still possible radiation type x-ray… but it is clearly no Coca fire do not, Vyasa temperature will burn the clothes in the first place!

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Siberian scientists have created 100 times more effective drug against tick-borne encephalitis

Siberian scientists conducted preclinical trials of a new drug against tick-borne encephalitis. It turned out to be non-toxic and safe for patients.
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You are on the planet?


Talking about flying to other stars, it should be understood that the actual stars do not need us – we need to other planets, preferably earth-like and habitable. And how do you know whether the neighboring stars on the planet? It would seem simple to grab a bigger telescope, and look. If a distant galaxy can be considered, then of nearby stars should see the planets and the satellites. But there is a “small” complexity: unlike stars and galaxies, planets virtually no Shine yourself but only reflect the light of their stars. The star illuminates its surroundings, and therefore, despite the development of astronomical techniques in the twentieth century, the first exoplanet – a planet from another star is found less than thirty years ago.
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A delightful gesture

Труба важнее...

The Board of Directors “Gazprom” has approved the conclusion of the company South Stream Transport B. V. confidentiality agreement in the framework of the project of construction of gas pipeline under the Black sea from Russia to Turkey. This was reported in the company “Gazprom”. → https://russian.rt.com/article/143297
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Fortress: shield and sword (2015)


I’m already so used to mediocrity and unoriginality of Russian cinema and animation, which I didn’t expect to see something more or less noticeable in the near future. Nevertheless, the new animated film from “the Mill” has managed to surprise in many positions. Despite some minor flaws, the film is worthy of praise and attention. Residents of the Herd, I hope still remember me criticism on fanfics. The authors subjected to criticism, can hardly catch me in the narrowness of the assessment, the bias and floradrene, I have always tried to be as impartial, praised strengths and criticized the weak. Believe me, to get my score that I give this film, is very difficult, and I can explain it by the fact that our multiday at once approached the matter carefully, responsibly and with imagination.
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