Klitschko expects to meet

Long and painful Klitschko out of the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko, which came, being in a semiconscious state. He said that everyone, not just everyone can become a member. A member of doctors needed to work. He did some things with other tools is impossible to implement. In General, it does not matter. Just the time to remove, that is, to withdraw from the presidential party. Began the process last year, and now the mayor expects to meet his statement in the near future.”
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The version from the newspaper Version. The West and Kiev is no longer needed “Minsk-2”

Exclude Russia from the negotiations on the Donbass

In vain the Russian foreign Ministry doldonit that the alternative to the Minsk negotiation process. Already there: from now on the fate of Donbass will be decided not in Moscow, Berlin and Paris, with the participation of Kiev, and in a very different international format – the “big five” (USA, UK, Germany, France and Italy) plus Ukraine. Russia, therefore, is not just pointed to the door – threw it away. Well, Russian diplomats that happen with the “Minsk-2”, to meet it, man, now there is only wipe.

Few of the experts are seriously counting on an infinite continuation of the Minsk talks: “Minsk-2” was needed only temporarily, in order to completely eliminate the “Russian forces” in the Donbass. Of course, addressing the “Minsk-2”, which, as asserted by the Russian diplomats, there is no alternative, even Kiev was not going to perform. In General, due to the “Minsk-2” Ukraine has been strengthened on the South-Eastern border, concentrating there a hundred thousand well-armed military group, and completely blocked the further expansion of the “Russian spring”. Moscow, therefore, was in a very bad position deceived naive “nerd”.
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Version (untested). A LIST OF HODOR

Original taken from marafonec in the LIST of HODOR

Original taken from andrey_kuprikov in the LIST of HODOR

In the project of Mikhail Khodorkovsky “Open Russia” that has announced the recruitment of candidates to the state Duma, with the support turned 26 members of the parliamentary parties. As informs “sheets”, help with elections in the fall, wanted to get 11 of United Russia, the Communists, nine and six members of “Fair Russia”.

Coordinator of the project “Open elections” Timur Valeev has refused to name them: “It threatens them with the exception of parties, and we still formally these people did not support because of all of the applications will select only about 20 people”.

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The logic in it

72 birth year – remember the USSR, so that he can be remembered by your children, without any admixture of cynicism and unbelief, they had lived with their fathers

Originally posted by aleks070565 at Putin’s Successors on elections of 2018

Original taken from rovego in Putin’s Successors on elections of 2018

Apparently, Dmitry Medvedev has appeared as much as two competitors in the upcoming elections, Andrei Vorobyov and Alexey Dyumin. They announced the radio station “Moscow speaking”. And this version today, I think, most likely. Putin at the next elections is not going to. For the seat of the head of state he is not held. There are certain agreements that will allow them to retain the country, and the same course. Putin will remain in the shadows, to run the state.
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