Syncretism: the race in dictionaries

The recent modest extractor of quintessence (i.e., I) got a lot of pompous references to syncretism in General and syncretic cults in particular. To understand the adult interlocutor, when he with a significant view reports about their regressive trends is not easy, and even harder to forgive. In addition, it was foundthat one recently passed away Italian Professor 20 years ago made a scream: “Now I’ll explain everything!” — after what may have confused the minds of men so that conceptual thinking in them stopped working. Some still believe in the magical power of syncretism.

Therefore it seemed useful to go and collect the basic values and contexts of this word in a tight, heavy knot, which is handy to have in case of urgent necessity in psycho-correction.
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Historical revisionism (Franz.)

A separate article in the French wiki there is a small subsection of revisionism as a phenomenon

For historians, revisionism is a term without any special connotation which means a critical approach to rationally revise certain accepted views of history, or the General public (mostly), or even professional historians, laymen of the period or a particular field of expertise. It is based on receiving new information, a review of sources and offers a new interpretation of history .

As has been said by Comte , history is fundamentally ambiguous discipline, where the interpretation of historical reality one has to deal with the truths of his time, the historian being called to expect the speech to him by his contemporaries, his company, in accordance with the prejudices of his time, his people, facilities, etc. a Vivid example is reported by Vidal-Nacka , it is the work of Michelet , the French construction of the eternal homeland, through the romantic reader (and sometimes romantic) historical facts. Therefore, every historian should be as “revisionist”. New materials, new sources, removing political barriers, ideological, sociological, etc., allowing him to reconsider and to lead with new vision, new information, new sources, additional elements in the design of the Story.
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Steam will begin to sell the sequel for Half-Life

No sooner had the fans to make a new Doom level to the gamethat was uploaded a few days ago, as a new joy — this time for fans of Half-Life. However, it is not about a new official Half-Life, and the sequel to the game created by the fan. The sequel is called Prospekt, and set up his one man, game designer Richard Seabrook ( Seabrook Richard). He worked alone for 18 months.
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[recovery mode] sex in the car or else one button start-stop with Arduino and LEDs

One day, while the aforementioned action at the place someone from participating kicked the FOB on the key. The chain then much got, but he, too, stood well and sustained attack. At this very moment, without being distracted from what is happening, I thought that dangling the keychain is a little extra element of the interior of the car.

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The seventh period of the periodic table is now filled, and it’s official

On December 30 last year, the international Union of pure and applied chemistry (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) has announcedthat the discovery of chemical elements 115, 117, 118 and 113 confirmed officially. The elements 115 and 117 elements of the periodic table, discovered by the Russian joint Institute for nuclear research (JINR), Lawrence Livermore national laboratory (USA) and oak ridge national laboratory (USA).
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The Chinese are Chinese: how Asian producers have moved away from the production of “clones” of Apple and Samsung

Until 2015, Chinese manufacturers actively adopt the style of the two recognized leaders of the smartphone market – Apple and Samsung. The first “got it” more often and stronger: almost every self-respecting company from China was their duty to steal at least some element of the design of the current model iPhone. Samsung, however, also often suffered from fans honestly like to borrow design elements and exterior or that the Korean. In the past year the situation has changed – not drastically, but still noticeable. Now young and hot Chinese manufacturers are looking for inspiration not only in the products of the Korean and American manufacturers, but also in the products of their own colleagues-competitors of Chinese companies.

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