Acer Predator 15: when the game is worth the candle

Gaming laptops (those that do are somehow imprisoned in the game, and are not a universal multimedia-household models) are now experiencing not the best time. On the one hand, the world of PC iron the last 2 generations have been in relative stagnation. On the other… casual players have otbirali just multimediawiki (and fu-fu-fu console), and hardcore gamers laptops is usually small.

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Original taken from ihoraksjuta in Tu-95

The first attempt to create in the USSR an Intercontinental bomber was a deep modernization of the Tu-4. “The plane is 80” (his first flight took place on 1 December 1949) covered a distance of 8,000 km, But soon began the Korean war clearly demonstrated the futility of the development of long-range bombers based on piston engines: jet fighters left her fewer and fewer chances to break through to protected objects. That is why, despite the possibility of achieving a range over 12,000 miles, terminated further work on following the Soviet strategic bomber Tu-85. As a new model of this machine was supposed to create a bomber with a maximum speed of 900-950 km/h, carrying up to 20 tons, a flight range up to 14-15 thousand km and an altitude of 13-14 km.
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That’s all… Came: the Japs will sit on “hydrogen needle”

The authors of these reports report type where the field of hydrogen opened, not in Japan?

Guys: you need to fill the tank with a little hydrogen, its somewhere nemnogo need to get:)
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That’s all… Come…

Original taken from slavikap in Here and all… Came…

Original taken from kadykchanskiy in Here and all… Came…

Repeated the same for 30 years now, that America “kill” the country from which they expect will not. All who would be waiting for the collapse “a main citadel of the world’s evil” will disappoint. Together with the United States will collapse, and Russia. Moreover, even earlier. As winter always comes “unexpectedly” and Japan “unexpectedly” made a real breakthrough in energy without hydrocarbons. See. Here is the first swallow:
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[Sandbox] Development of low-power redundant power supply with sine output. Part 1. Statement of the problem

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) are widely used, both in everyday life and in industry. They are designed to provide the necessary power equipment from a backup source in case of “loss” of power. Backup sources such UPS basically serve as batteries. Therefore, these UPS provide power supply equipment for a limited time, from several minutes to a couple or three hours. There is a huge number of similar hardware, as they say, for every taste and color “a pocket”, with different characteristics and various functions.

Consider the scope of application in everyday life.
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