GNI-M2.05 — external hard drive data from the INSTITUTE and VT. What was it and what are the consequences?


A couple of weeks ago, among a large flow of articles, our favorite sites flashed publication, telling about how in recent times the role of military research and development, especially domestic , thanks to the introduction of their outstanding results in the most advanced areas of civil science and technology.
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He who has ears…

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The meeting of Putin and XI Jinping have become so frequent that even those who don’t follow political news especially, could not fail to note. What is behind such a “tight” communication, especially no one cares, except for the cushion of the fighters against the regime “a bloody Poo. In light of the political and economic confrontation between the West and Russia, there is nothing strange in the fact that Russia is forced to look for new partners in the East.

However, is it simple? Already forgotten about the “dead cities” in Northwest China, which is why it was built, but empty, with the tremendous needs of the Chinese in housing. Forgot about the direct hint of Hollywood in the movie “2012” where China plays the role of the Builder of the rescue ARKS to save humanity in the context of the flood, and suddenly…
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Music page from 7 March

In the interval between 35 and 40 years of age I discovered for myself that have a very superficial knowledge of classical music. As a result, I was constantly playing classical music almost in alphabetical order. I bought dozens of CDs and rocked with the Internet. What I liked the most – delayed in the audio archives. So I have formed, relatively speaking, “the best hundred” of classic works. After some time it gained and “best one hundred” Opera arias.
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10 French comedies for a good evening

10 французских комедий для хорошего вечера

The French original throughout, including in the cinema. Their movies not to be confused with the other: the humor, the characters, the relationships, the emotions — spirit of France. And when they joke, then watching it is a pleasure!
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