One of the most popular programs on the channel REN TV was 20 years old

In September, the program “Military secret” with Igor Prokopenko on REN TV channel celebrates its anniversary — 20 years. The project remains one of the most popular on Russian television.


Heartily. Medvedev promised to help Kazakhstan with the results of the remains of the fighters against the “Russian occupation”

The reasons of activation of parasites.

Dsalary Smotrina K. V. B. E. G. “disasters and catastrophes is the main threat to planetary and Eurasian security at the entrance to III Millennium BC.”

Halford Mackinder: Who owns the Heartland owns the world island, who owns the world island, possesses the world“.
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Coming out of Germany from under the iron heel of NATO?

NATO is a tool in the hands of the United States, which they exercise global supremacy on the Eurasian continent. And old Europe after the Second world war is neither a mistress in his house, nor independent since they have long lived in a nursing home. George Washington, the administrator of which is now Philip Breedlove – Supreme allied commander of allied forces in Europe, commander of the European command of the armed forces of the United States, former Minister of the U.S. air force.
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