What’s wrong with Christmas?

A week ago last weekend the weekend in Nizhny Tagil was held the celebration of “Christmas eve”. More than a hundred children of Sverdlovsk region took part in it. Children’s party is always nice. That can compare with a happy child smile? The answer is obvious. The question is different.
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"the taming of the shrew". ( photos and documents )

From the book by A. Hinstein.

Today declassified documents of the KGB is known, for example, that since the end of October 1956. across the border with Austria and Yugoslavia were transferred a large number of emissaries of the CIA.
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The worst thing that can happen in the life of man, acre mother-in-law’s friend’s wife. Married, not married makes zero difference. If pussy married, and the man, more successful than you, you get bashed from his wife for their futility, if not married, you will get bashed because nabanye girlfriend will say, would be goat, better than there! They always know everything best of all, they are the best and friends, they are smart and beautiful, even if they have faces like the front of the asphalt paver. And actually, I know women do, if you know the person for a long time, that will captivity listen to it, but I can not understand the other things: to fucking talk about my family, and I had all this shit in the house to make? Women animals are blunt and don’t realize that when you start to live with some shaggy, you choose it, not girlfriends. If I wanted to live with her friends, I would probably be with them.

Evening, my job pisses me off, I’m tired and can’t open a fucking door lock, which can’t change for a month, there is no time and effort. What castle? At fuck forces there. The fifth attempt, I finally open the door. In the kitchen heard a woman laughing. Put the briefcase on the floor, removed her shoes and walk to the kitchen:
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In the summer, in the evening, the Park is full of noisy companies, which have a rest after work or study. They drink beer or something stronger, share their problems and remember the past. Strange people, strange country living in the weirdest city in the world. He seems to be changing, and the like, and remains the same, it seems to be filled with people, it seems, on the contrary gets rid of them, changes people on the crowd of beings who are always in a hurry and always late. Just passed the rain has opened a whole palette of scents of spring city. Starts to pull the smell of barbecue out of the ravine, which is located nearby. People insanely strange creature, he seeks to comfort and convenience, and when it reaches it, it starts again drawn to the hardships and difficulties, which is fun. Whether the call of the wild draws us to the meat on the coals, or we just love challenges and can’t do without them.

I sit and smoke drifted though the pine trees that go bald every year. The alley is an elderly couple, a man that passionately proves the wife, she just smiles and says nothing. They pass noisy one company for another, which occupied all the benches, finally they reach me and the old man notices that I’m sitting alone on a bench:
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With the beginning of lent – difficult journey to Easter.

Who among us will be better this way, since it is so different – only the Lord knows. I want to show only one thing – not only different rites, but we are. Although what Catholics and Orthodox do go, albeit in a different way on a shared path says that in addition to differences there are many essential and important thing we have in common.
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Nicole and Leh

Original taken from vlad_dolohov in Nicole and Leh

He was 21 years old. Recently moved to the regional center, where after College got a job working for the railroad.

Somehow, going to the zoo, he saw an ad on the Internet: there were sold animals. Among them “the Fox”. Before this Fox Alex didn’t see it, but it was his most favorite animal in fairy tales. And is something only a million(BYR)… anyway, he went out and bought. And named her Nicole.
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