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The code of honor of Buryatia

Original taken from matveychev_oleg in the Code of honor of Buryatia

Honor is treated as an innate human feeling, an integral part of his personality. In the traditional system of values of culture of many peoples, the category of honor is more important than human life. Under the honor refers to a person’s awareness of their personal responsibility to their friends, family members, society and the recognition of human society as a person. People who observe the laws of honor, worthy of respect and has reason to be proud. Meanwhile, honor is a concept more internal, that is inherent in this category of person initially or he developed it during his life. This concept tends to deflect depending on individual foundations of concrete personalities, aptitudes, and living conditions. All this means that the honor concept is not absolute, but is multifaceted, including categories of both fixed and variable.

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Totem, a parade and “card”

I’m not about Savchenko. Although regular starvation “Hope” creates certain political and psychological frustration that can deliver. But still about the military parade. Don’t know how it happened, but in the third year of the revolution is clear to everyone what the advantages are scum, villains and pokemon who allow themselves f – – – ing doubt on the feasibility demonstration of the unprecedented military might of the revived European superpower.
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