the resistance of a material

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Only the master can give the guarantee and not 100%.

Manual glass cutting fraught – charted track glass cutter, held a couple of times – but no – a chip off the slicer and went to the side.
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Version. Alien code in human DNA discovered by scientists

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Recently, scientists published a curious information: they found an alien code in our DNA. Extraterrestrial beings have created our species – such conclusion arises from the data obtained.
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Myths about Orthodoxy

The EDITORS of the PORTAL “Orthodoxy AND the WORLD” | JANUARY 19, 2016

Myths about Orthodoxy is one of the strongest barriers for a person on the way to Church. The years of atheistic propaganda, superstition, ignorance, delusion neophyte media attacks on the Church and much more has led to a monstrous distortion of the image of Christians in the mass consciousness. Unfortunately, independent attempts to debunk the myths rarely succeed. After all, the main force of the myth is its sustainability. If he penetrated and took root in the minds, to fight with him is almost futile. But we will try. And you can help. We have collected the most common myths about religion, Christianity, Orthodoxy and the best of their denials, data on “Pravmir”.
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Math vs. Darwinism

On the impossibility of random evolution and learning of organisms

Small V. A.

Considered the behavior of the body when registering a new image receptor. It is shown that the body can not obtain valuable information from the outside (i.e. to learn). Taking into account block hierarchical structure of a genome was found the probability of formation of species through random mutations, which turned out to be vanishingly small. From the point of view of the synthetic theory of evolution (when there is no program of evolution) there is no reason to say that the block-hierarchical principle of construction of the genome will accelerate the emergence of new species. Need a deterministic description of the evolution of organisms.


A. V. Melkikh

Organism behavior during new pattern registration is considered. It is shown that organism can’t receive new valuable information from environment (i.e. to learn). Hierarchical genome structure With the probability of species origin by random mutations is obtained. This probability was found negligibly small. From the point of view of synthetic theory of evolution (when the program of evolution is absent) there is no reason to assume that hierarchical principle of genome structure will accelerate new species origin. It is necessary to create deterministic description of organisms.

The subject of this article are the twin pillars of biology: synthetic theory of evolution and the possibility of training the body. Mathematical modeling of many biological processes are explicitly or implicitly based on these provisions. However, with a detailed analysis of both the provisions found contradictions.

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Darwinism: what about the theory?

Дарвинизм. Эволюция
the Darwinism. Evolution

That Darwinism with full welds, it can be concluded that drawing conclusions from the interview given to the 200 year anniversary of Darwin “Science and life” (№1, 2009) head of research Department the evolution of the State Darwin Museum the candidate of biological Sciences Alexander Sergeevich Scar.

“…evolutionary theory is the theoretical basis of all modern biology. As rightly noted by one of the founders of the modern synthetic theory of evolution Theodosius Dobzhansky, “nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution”.

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