Save and protect. Hundreds of Russian companies are asking to “make an exception” to the sanctions against Turkey

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The dominant features of social groups. Part 1. The bourgeoisie. Trick or treat?

Great work of social psychology. Understanding the dominant traits of the collective nature of individual social groups allows us to predict their behavior in various circumstances, especially critical. Moreover, these dominant are manifested in different historical conditions, which makes the forecast extremely reliable. We will try to explore these groups and start with the third estate

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Look at the Emperor’s ailments. Part two

The second and third parts (the first part) of the narration about tumors and cancer in particular will be devoted to more “mundane” issues — namely, diagnosis and treatment, and also you will learn about the most common types of cancers.

I must say that this post has given me much more difficult than the first part, as it does not quite match my specialization. But since I was asked to write about it, I tried.
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Aksenov about Krasin (1969)

Любовь к электричеству

Collected materials to the report on Leonid Krasin in the first Russian revolution (1905-1907). Among other things, could not ignore the story of the Soviet (at the time of writing) writer Vasily Aksenov “Love for electricity”.
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The law on the FSB gave the right to employees of special services shoot on sight