As the junta carried out the transition from socialism to capitalism

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…As you know, January 1, 1961, the country has carried out a new monetary reform, which occurred a simple exchange of old banknotes for new banknotes without any confiscatory component. Though actually all was not so simple as it seems at first glance. Traditionally this reform represent a denomination, since to the uninitiated the townsfolk all looked pretty simple: the old Stalinist “puttee” was replaced with Khrushchev’s new “wrappers” that are substantially smaller, but more expensive at face value. In circulation banknotes of the sample of 1947 were exchanged without restrictions for new monetary units of the 1961 pattern in ratio of 10:1, and in the same proportion changed prices of all the goods, tariff rates of wages, pensions, scholarships, allowances, payment obligations, contract, etc.
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Prehozhdenie money

технические проблемы в расчётном центре

Dear mkarev excellent (clear and accessible) outlined where the money came from, was a gradual collapse of economic interactions: from direct barter, i.e. the exchange of existing goods, to the creation of the equivalent of these commodities (precious metals, gold, gold coins), to the introduction of conditional cash (paper money), and then a virtual equivalent (cashless money). Thus, we see how money from the sphere of existence fall into some kind of virtual environment.
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Glazyev: we need large scale nationalization

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Renowned economist and Advisor to the President of Russia Sergey Glazyev told about who produces the speculative attack on the Russian national currency and how to deal with it.

According to Sergey Glazyev, a modern banking system of Russia not fulfilling the role of “the circulatory system of the economy”. He explained that the need to make the Central Bank of the Russian Federation to stop “the Orgy of currency”.
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What will happen to the ruble?

Six months ago, many friends laugh, Saying, Sasha, where are your promised 80 rubles for a dollar? I just smiled and said, after New Year get. And received. I stopped being Wang and other ekstrasensov, let’s just say that the ruble will fall and up to the mark of 90 rubles, for a green piece of paper. And then let the fun begin.

There is the notion: the psychological barrier. Now, this barrier to means of the Russian currency 100 rubles per dollar. After that people starts Pis. No, a simple man does not understand that the difference between what a dollar is worth 100 or 80 rubles, in fact, no, because inflation will still break all records, in 2016, the year the course will play a secondary role. The main role will play oil prices, because it is due to the black gold and Russia gets the green pieces of paper that belong to America, which, as you know soon “die”. On the one hand, the state high exchange rate. He can slap the trillions of Russian securities, not how wealthy, and enough to feed her pensioners, state employees and so on. On the other hand, high a course makes the paper in the toilet, and it is, in fact, nothing can can buy.
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The volatility of the consciousness of the nation

Meditation on the decline in the cost of oil of mark “Brent” has a positive impact on the psyche of the nation. Everyone knows that this is the surest sign of the collapse of the Kremlin regime. As soon as you reach the psychological threshold of twenty dollars per barrel, Putin immediately will be removed in a bloody Palace coup, Siberia and the Krasnodar region has announced its special status and Crimea will ask to be allowed back into a free and independent Ukraine. Therefore, the “necessaryj” helps a lot to maintain soundness of mind in difficult conditions of everyday life.
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