Archpriest Alexander Shargunov called for the Orthodox to come 15.07. 2016 to 11: 00 am at the trial of Mila Esipenko

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Archpriest Alexander Shargunov called Orthodox come July 15, 2006 by 11.00 on the trial of Mila Esipenko
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Without a Declaration of war

75 years have passed since that Sunday afternoon, when the German Nazi military units began the treacherous attack on the Soviet Union throughout its Western border. In our country today is the official day of mourning, flags at half-mast this day, at 12 o’clock the horn sounded. It is a tribute to the victims, the survivors from the crippled bodies and souls, to stand in the battle with death in battle, at the bench, in the field.
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The war that never ended

Friends! Movement “Essence of time” in Ekaterinburg in cooperation with the Department of political science Institute of social and political Sciences Ural Federal University with the participation of all-Russian Parental resistance opens at the Ural Federal University two exhibitions daily, will operate from 29 September to 9 October 2015 at the address Turgenev str., 4 / Lenin St., 51 (3rd floor).
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The connection of epochs and civilizations

Today in our city started the III Ural industrial Biennale of contemporary art. The founders of the exhibition is: the State Center of contemporary art; coredial: administration of the Governor of Sverdlovsk region, the Government of Sverdlovsk region, Ekaterinburg city Administration; the exhibition is held under support of Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation. In the role of organizer of the Ural branch of national center for contemporary art.
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Revenge death

Yesterday, on a day when 77 years ago in Munich, the Prime Ministers of great Britain – Neville Chamberlain, France – Edouard Daladier, Italy’s Benito Mussolini and Chancellor of Germany Adolf Hitler was drafted for the agreement on the transfer of Czechoslovakia to Germany Sudeten area, we together with the Department ISPN Urfu opened in the University exhibition on the Second world war and the great Patriotic war. Living, essential speech the head of the Department of political science Kerimov Aleksandr Aliyev.
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Russia is a country of idiots!

After the downed aircraft over the territory of Syria or Turkey, fuck the hell knows, the country began fucking.

More stupid state than Russia is not, and never will be. There is not even an axiom, and God’s law. And God said: “Russia will be the most fucked up country in the World, Amen!”
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Public reprimand

Almost two weeks have passed since the closing of our exhibitions in the Ural Federal University. This event caused a public outcry and was widely reflected in the media. I was toldthat condemnation is not enough and what do we see? Central “print” roller drive according to one of the startups scandal. The instigators have made a sort of public censure.
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