[Translation] the Story of the supernova of fireworks in our Galaxy!

When I convinced myself that no star of this type has not previously been shining, I was in such perplexity because of the incident that began to doubt in their own eyes.

Tycho Brahe

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Pellets of explosives

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The HMX is a powerful explosive often used as detonators for nuclear weapons or rocket fuel. During the Second world war, Chinese guerrillas fought the Japanese invaders, and they needed to find a way discreet transportation of explosives for blasting Japanese fortifications and military units. The Chinese invented a simple and ingenious method: mixing the mixture with flour. What happened, looked directly as flour and does not look like explosives.
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And again summary…

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Yesterday again the Ukrainian fascists shelled Donetsk. Under fire this time hit the Petrovsky district. 1 person died. Here’s what I know so far.

SUMMARY for 09.02.16 Neighborhood Trudovskaya
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“Olivier” as a threat to national security

Ukraine’s capital is preparing to welcome the New year, which is now officially recognized as second-class, absolutely “worthless” (worthless) holiday that has no valuable ideological values. On the main square of Kiev on the revolutionary tradition of no Christmas tree, because of the bloody Maidan Yanukovych tried to put the bloody same tree that led to known to the entire civilized world, including Gabon, events.
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An ancient weapon of which you’ve never heard

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History wars – a history of the invention of weapons. And it is worth noting that even in the world of modern technology weapon that was created hundreds of years ago, and today looks quite effective. As we have discussed Biological weapons of the 12th century, and this review has compiled the most incredible weapons, which today look quite strange.
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Parallel worlds

Suha theory, my friend…
– Goethe

How went the science with real life and it is. bumping into the other day on a forum, discussing the explosion in the intensive care unit in Lugansk, Ukraine.

Discussed, for example, one version – non-observance of safety rules of handling oxygen cylinders. First version was proposed, the type that the cylinder could hit the oil, causing the cylinder and pulled.

Here’s how it responded Zakhmatov Vladimir, doctor of technical Sciences, expert on explosions: “… to have happened and the reaction followed by an explosion of such power, you must have a fairly large amount of organic combustible material. In simple terms, you need to pour at least a canister of engine oil to start such a reaction”.

This examination was given a “classical” scientist, could not be blast away any oil on the cylinder and to the point!

And here that write on the forum .

User bender: “As a scientist-rocket scientist-chemist.
Oxygen explodes very often. Sorry. The reasons can be many. Enough, for example, in the gearbox to get the oil drops (oil hands opened the valve) and the balloon explodes. Elementary”
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