Erdogan cornered… (6)

Uh, gohan fled to Germany, and the people plunged into civil strife with his call to take to the streets, blow up the television station in Istanbul… and, according to recent reports, shot supporters (?) Erdogan (who? the blame for the bloodshed in the Erdogan), Ankara shot down the helicopter, the rebels, the explosion in the Parliament… Events unfold in a hard scenario.

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Another nail in the coffin lid of the collection

Original taken from strajj in Another nail in the coffin lid of the collection

A thousand times talked about the fact that in Russia the collectors are gangsters in the official status and should be banned. Another case of collection of the mayhem was caught today in the network, post the recorded conversation in which the collector is trying cleverly to threaten the interlocutor.
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Version – history lovers against the pros istorikov

Original taken from marusja41 in RASPRAVLENY PYRAMID IN the VORONEZH REGION.(latest edition)

Original taken from gilliotinus in RASPRAVLENY PYRAMID IN the VORONEZH REGION.(latest edition)

Recently got into old posts and saw this wonderful thing, this man-made miracle, undeservedly missed by the community and neglected..Although the theme is still the same..

So, when I posted it, and it was my first post in this new position, I could not find directions relative to the pole, which is a pity..Because the question remained the focus of the perforation, the cutting of trees in the forest Boyar, near the pyramids.And here, after checking I found something interesting (add to the end of the post, and who have not seen, I am sure, will be interesting!
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Media: a Powerful explosion occurred at the base of the Indian air force

Original taken from rt_russian in the media: a Powerful explosion occurred at the base of the Indian air force

Powerful explosion has thundered today at the air force base of India Pathankot in Punjab on the border with Pakistan, reports RIA Novosti. The day before yesterday at the airbase was attacked by terrorists.
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Parallel worlds

Suha theory, my friend…
– Goethe

How went the science with real life and it is. bumping into the other day on a forum, discussing the explosion in the intensive care unit in Lugansk, Ukraine.

Discussed, for example, one version – non-observance of safety rules of handling oxygen cylinders. First version was proposed, the type that the cylinder could hit the oil, causing the cylinder and pulled.

Here’s how it responded Zakhmatov Vladimir, doctor of technical Sciences, expert on explosions: “… to have happened and the reaction followed by an explosion of such power, you must have a fairly large amount of organic combustible material. In simple terms, you need to pour at least a canister of engine oil to start such a reaction”.

This examination was given a “classical” scientist, could not be blast away any oil on the cylinder and to the point!

And here that write on the forum .

User bender: “As a scientist-rocket scientist-chemist.
Oxygen explodes very often. Sorry. The reasons can be many. Enough, for example, in the gearbox to get the oil drops (oil hands opened the valve) and the balloon explodes. Elementary”
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The traces of an ancient war. New facts

Original taken from sibved in the Traces of an ancient war. New facts

N. Subbotin, the editor of the website the Domain of the planet. Summary report on the results of the expedition to Uzbekistan, during which was detected the possible traces and artifacts of a global war in ancient times.

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