Ubuntu take full control using Monit

Monit is free software for system monitoring. As Nagios and Cacti, but it is much more easy to learn (15 minutes), light (500 KB) and have no external dependencies. Using Monit, you can Internet browser to connect to the remote computer with Linux, to get full access to system information and make sure there are no problems.

Полный контроль над Ubuntu

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Control the monitor from a script

On a forum I came across one, for me an interesting topic: automatic Wake-up or sending the monitor into standby when falling asleep/waking the machine itself. It will be interesting for those who have a desktop computer or the notebook is connected to external monitor.

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Technology programming ARM Cortex-M0+

Here I will talk about convenient set of tools and technology for fast development of simple programs on the microcontroller S9KEAZN64AMLC with 32 bit 40 MHz core ARM Cortex-M0+. As the hardware basis of the charge from the previously announced project. The fee was surprisingly tenacious at low temperatures and even surpassed in this sense expectations.
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Wonderful Rules.

Withosity wise elders. What you should not say.

Original taken from monsenor in the ADVICE of WISE ELDERS. WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT SAY THAT!

Original taken from mon_sofia in the ADVICE of WISE ELDERS. WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT SAY THAT!

1. The first thing to keep secret, say the sages — his far-reaching plans. Now up until this plan is fulfilled. All our ideas are not only not perfect, they are a huge number of weaknesses, which is very easy to hit and destroy everything.
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Why men live less

Факторы риска и продолжительность жизни
risk Factors and life expectancy

“We are not doctors and, especially, not gerontologists, so do not criticize us for not knowing medicine. Just listen to us without criticism, and maybe some of the things that will be useful to you in your work”. Thus began the report of the two mathematicians at the Moscow Congress of gerontology, commercials, in 1964-1966. I read the report in typewritten publication and write, remember. I will write in the first person. The report never was published. Continue reading “Why men live less”