Peskov’s daughter compared the Russian and French medicine

Original taken from maxfux in Peskov’s Daughter compared the Russian and French medicine

Daughter of press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov shared their impressions of stay in hospitals in Paris and Moscow. On his page in Instagram she just crushed the vaunted French health care, citing the example of an ordinary Moscow hospital.

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Construction of bridges on different banks of the Amur river

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Here is now the railway bridge the village of Nizhneleninskoye–Tongjiang city. Agreement on its construction was signed at the highest level in 2013. The Chinese are building 1800m, Russians — 390м. In February 2014, was laid the first stone. Commissioning planned in mid-2016.
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The worst thing that can happen in the life of man, acre mother-in-law’s friend’s wife. Married, not married makes zero difference. If pussy married, and the man, more successful than you, you get bashed from his wife for their futility, if not married, you will get bashed because nabanye girlfriend will say, would be goat, better than there! They always know everything best of all, they are the best and friends, they are smart and beautiful, even if they have faces like the front of the asphalt paver. And actually, I know women do, if you know the person for a long time, that will captivity listen to it, but I can not understand the other things: to fucking talk about my family, and I had all this shit in the house to make? Women animals are blunt and don’t realize that when you start to live with some shaggy, you choose it, not girlfriends. If I wanted to live with her friends, I would probably be with them.

Evening, my job pisses me off, I’m tired and can’t open a fucking door lock, which can’t change for a month, there is no time and effort. What castle? At fuck forces there. The fifth attempt, I finally open the door. In the kitchen heard a woman laughing. Put the briefcase on the floor, removed her shoes and walk to the kitchen:
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“Dancing” around the vertical power

What is happening in recent days in lawmaking defies explanation – the Dodgers of deputies of the State Duma adopted the bills are at the initiative of the President submitted to the Supreme court. The main goal is to decriminalize the criminal code.
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Original taken from masterok in tantalising

Many have heard the expression “tantalizing”. It is not as popular for example, as “a boondoggle” and “Pandora’s Box”, but still. However, not all will respond to what and from what the legends did this idiom.
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An overview of the game system GX700VO

This review focuses on a very unusual device. More precisely — the system consisting of two devices: a gaming laptop with a full desktop graphics card NVidia GeForce GTX 980 (no index M), and the dock, which built the external liquid (!) cooling system for laptop. As they say, for the first time in world practice. And finally to you to intrigue: standard packing of this system is a full — fledged signature suitcase on wheels.
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American Line division of Ukraine.

Original taken from natamax in the American Line section of Ukraine.

Saw new photos of partition of Ukraine on the map, and I don’t get it, what it is. Started looking and that’s what it was.

“Yesterday, watched the new series of the popular American TV series “Secretary of State” (Madam Secretary) and saw an interesting message… In the story, after the collision of Russian and American armed forces near Mariupol (where, pobedili, estessno Americans…), Russia and the United States, at the talks in Switzerland are divided nenka…
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