The young forests of the Caucasus


Not very far from Maykop on the Federal highway M4 don, between the Hot Key and Dzhubga, beyond the pass, in the mountains is the village of Moldovanovka. Mountains covered with dense forest, which is now heavily cut down by poachers (it seems like everything of value was cut down). Father (about 1955) my friend claims that in his childhood, the mountains were bald. The forest was not at all. Friend says, go with father in the woods, he says that earlier this place was a collective farm, grew tobacco. Friend – what field, then solid wood?? – But this field was not then a forest.
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Politics is a dirty business.

Politics is more dangerous than HIV, Cancer, more dangerous than any most awful Ebola in the world. It strikes not just the body, it strikes the soul and deprives all of humanity, is man to obtain a fraction of power as white and fluffy citizen, he turns into a monster ready to eat anyone who gets in the way, literally and figuratively…

We sit in the gazebo one of the country houses. The evening had just begun, so we are still sober and are quite unintelligible conversation.
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Version. Water our and other people’s. Part 1.

Original taken from wowavostok in our Water and others’. Part 1.

Original taken from alexandrafl in our Water and others’. Part 1.

A Builder friend once told me about how they fortified the Western Coast of the Crimea. Very often I come across an underground river, out to sea further from the coastline. They are usually not even noticed, but during construction work, these flows created a lot of difficulties and had to be enclosed in pipe. In diameter, sometimes even up to 5000 mm.

Some Crimeans who has a yard and a well in it, through the wells are flowing underground river. This is especially true of those wells which are built in the old German settlers. The water is, of course, never ends. And sometimes there’s even a fish!
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“Tiny tank”: Russian SUV “Sherpas” delighted the Western media

Russian SUV “Sherpas”, developed by engineer Alexey Gargalianos, won the sympathy of the authors of the program TopGear facing the British TV channel BBC.

«Крошечный танк»: российский вездеход «Шерп» вызвал восторг у западных СМИ (ВИДЕО) | Русская весна
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Unusual creatures of our planet

Original taken from drumsmen in Unusual creatures of our planet

Extraordinary world of animals is very diverse and rich. Nature never repeats twice their creations, it moves forward, creating new species of animals that do not get tired to impress the human eye with their uniqueness and fine details, which help them to adapt to life on land, underground, in water or in air. Sometimes you have to wonder how unusual creatures exist on our planet. These animals and dedicated to our selection of the most unusual in all respects creatures.

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The patience of nature (stunning photos)

So nature steals to civilization. This photo is from Kamchatka, the sea destroyed the fishing village. Friedrich Engels in 1844 he published “Outline of a critique of political economy”, where he argued that his era is moving towards the great revolution — “reconciliation of humanity with nature and with ourselves”. This coup was longer. We are still on the way to this goal. Coming the beginning of genuine human history will mean the inscription of a person into the patterns and processes of nature, not scrapping them and devastating submission. Yet nature forgives us our intransigence and the desire to change it in accordance with its goals. Let’s see how:
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Original taken from alex_aka_jj in Bunny

The wolf walked slowly and silently, his paws sank deeply into the snow. Clouds of steam escaped from his mouth, saliva dripping from his jaws. Painful I wanted to scratch behind the ear, but the wolf knew that to itch now is not the time.

When the hare is caught — then as much as you want.
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[The sandbox] “In the eyes of the beast” — MLF provides the opportunity to consider the forest from the inside

Offer to your attention translation of the article “In the Eyes of the Animal — MLF virtualise a forest through the eyes of its creatures”.

“In the eyes of the beast” is the latest installation from the design Studio Marshmallow Laser Feast, commissioned for the festival AND Festival and located in the English Park in the forest Gridal. The project invites visitors on a fascinating journey, giving you the opportunity to fly over the forest canopy, come face to face with living beings, created with high fidelity, to materialize the different animals and how they roam the Greendale Park.
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