All 9 Kremlins of the Moscow region

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Moscow is currently surrounded by a ring of ancient cities-fortresses. We have collected for you all surviving Kremlins of the Moscow region. To visit each of them in one day, along the way seeing the city itself — all these places are ancient, interesting, with its own unique history and monuments.
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1846. Fort moved

Fort Novo-Alexandrovsk 1834 – 1846. buildings. To protect the Russian population from the nomads in 1834 was built the fortress on the Bay of Mertvy Kultuk – Novo-Aleksandrovsk. Impractical considering the location of fortifications in this place, in 1846 the Fort Novo-Alexandrovsk was moved to the Peninsula Mangyshlak to Bale-Karagay Bay. And renamed the Novo-Petrovskoye, and some time at Fort Alexander, and then to Fort Shevchenko.”

Ново-александровская Крепость

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