All 9 Kremlins of the Moscow region

Original taken from matveychev_oleg in All 9 Kremlins of the Moscow region


Moscow is currently surrounded by a ring of ancient cities-fortresses. We have collected for you all surviving Kremlins of the Moscow region. To visit each of them in one day, along the way seeing the city itself — all these places are ancient, interesting, with its own unique history and monuments.
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Gates as a business or 1 meter of the city wall to rent

Original taken from bskamalov in All the arch-gates were once as part of the surrounding city wall


Triumphal arch in and of themselves is nonsense and nonsense (well if not to consider a special version of the alternatives on the gate to the underworld or parallel). Gate should be in the wall!!! But the walls, and no! But if there were gates and walls were so! So here it is these gates are in the fortresses of Vauban! The fortress was destroyed and the gates symbolizing the conquest of the fortress left! But it is well known when the fortress was done by type Lobanovsky – 18th century, early 19th century – that’s ANTIQUE!!! Who could question such fortress raskrasit to the Foundation! Besides the issue of excess land, no there is not a grist – the fortress Vauban was done with ramparts and floors when the wall was dismantled was received by the hills and filled up the gate!!!
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Map of 1857 the Sarai where are the khans of the Golden Horde!

Original taken from vaduhan_08 in a Map of 1857 the Sarai where are the khans of the Golden Horde!

Very many interesting things, for example star-shaped fortress, the boundaries of the state, the Volga Delta to Astrakhan…. and more!!!

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65 years ago the war was

On December 22, 1950 in the skies of Korea, their first major air battles between Soviet MiG-15 and American F-86 sabre. In the West this day is called “Big day pilots of the UN”, because formally the troops of North Korea were opposed by the troops of the United Nations. The reality was somewhat more complicated and easier at the same time.

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Fort Novoalexandrovsky

I confess, I underestimated the value of this fortress.

Fort Novo-Alexandrovsk 1834 – 1846. buildings. To protect the Russian population from the nomads in 1834 was built the fortress on the Bay of Mertvy Kultuk – Novo-Aleksandrovsk. Impractical considering the location of fortifications in this place, in 1846 the Fort Novo-Alexandrovsk was moved to the Peninsula Mangyshlak to Bale-Karagay Bay. And renamed the Novo-Petrovskoye, and some time at Fort Alexander, and then to Fort Shevchenko.”
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