No wonder our “black” ancestors were afraid of comets

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Turns out my hypothesis is true: the comet breakdown exists.

So…. Oh… it means a lot.
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[Sandbox] inhouse movies/TV shows/TED in Anki

Essence in the following: using written programs automatically break English subtitles movie/series for individual fragments. Also automatically creates a tsv file for import into Anki ( that contains English and Russian transcript translation (if you have added Russian subtitles) of each fragment.

Then import into Anki and looking at the whole film as follows:
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Question on filling: who is it?

Publish the second question on zasypku. For regular readers of the blog to answer it will not be difficult)) That found a gallery of graffiti famous one (I will not say where, otherwise will guess right) street hudoznika. Now share a selection of his works. But the fragments of his newly made graffiti. Dovetales, a prominent politician he paints?)) A little hint: the farther to look at a photo of the Lesce guess.

Translated by Yandex Translate

Mysterious metal ball fell from the sky into the territory of Vietnam.

Original taken from michael101063 in a Mysterious metal ball fell from the sky into the territory of Vietnam.

Прямая ссылка на встроенное изображение

The official authorities of Vietnam shall declare the fall of the three mysterious metal balls in the Northern part of the country. Two of these objects fell on the village (one hit the house, and the second was discovered in the garden), another object fell on the field. It is reported that the investigation of the fall of these areas and elucidate their origins are Vietnamese military, but the official authorities have rushed to voice their version.
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