Intel Joule details

What do Japanese robot bartender, who knows how to maintain a meaningful dialogue with a person, and goggles for Airbus, which protect not only the eyes of the worker from dangerous items, but the aircraft that he assembles from mistakes?

If the answer is difficult, then here’s a hint. They have in common is the same as the French police motorcycle helmet, which recognize the numbers on the transport and shows him who wears it, useful information and e-Panda Bamboo from Microsoft, which knows a lot of foreign languages and is able to analyze emotional expressions.
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About technology turning people into a herd

Crowds of adults and serious (!!!) people rush through the parks and streets are busy (!!!) catching cartoon characters. They already shot. You can even be arrested for disorderly conduct. And anybody in a head will not come that bullied! While the most blatant way. Bullied and make money.
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Original taken from serj_aleks in Explorers

About 300 persons

Ancient (“ancient” missionaries): Hanno *, Ibn Battuta (1304-1377), Ibn Chaldūn (1332-1406), Anselm d Ysalguier (1380-1420), Antão Gonçalves *, Diogo Cão, Fernão do Pó, Afonso Gonçalves Baldaia, Gil Eanes, António Fernandes, João de Santarém, Nuno Tristão (+1446), Antoniotto Usodimare (1415-1461), Alvise Cadamosto (1432-1488), Estevão da Gama * ** *** **** (1430-1497), Diogo Gomes (1420-1502), Bartolomeu Dias * (1450-1500), Diogo de Azambuja (1432-1518), Pedro Álvares Cabral (1468-1520), Pêro da Covilhã * (1450-1530), Duarte Pacheco Pereira * (1469-1533), Francisco Álvares (1465-1540), Leo Africanus (1490 -1550), Bartolomé García de Nodal (1574-1622), Richard Jobson, Peter Heyling (1607-1652), Giovanni Antonio Cavazzi da Montecuccolo (1621-1678), Peter Kolb (1675-1726)

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