Peskov’s daughter compared the Russian and French medicine

Original taken from maxfux in Peskov’s Daughter compared the Russian and French medicine

Daughter of press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov shared their impressions of stay in hospitals in Paris and Moscow. On his page in Instagram she just crushed the vaunted French health care, citing the example of an ordinary Moscow hospital.

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Proven: computers with Ubuntu Linux break less the same with Windows

3 years ago the French gendarmerie switched to Ubuntu. It is time to take stock. That gave migration 37 000 computers from Windows to Linux and did anything at all? From the official report of the Ministry of internal Affairs of France.

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Ate you’re a tourist on Shabbat, it is Putler to blame


In France, according to the established tradition – a new terrorist attack. Multi-ton truck safely drove into the protected zone on the promenade des Anglais in nice, rammed a crowd of onlookers gathered to gawk at the fireworks for Bastille Day, and began to flatten human chops.
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MFA: Ukraine is now nice

Read the official statement of the office pokemon Klimkin about the attacks in France. Like the shape all right: “we Express our deepest condolences”, “strongly condemn all acts of violence and terrorism”, “the right to life is the Supreme value”. But why the impression that it was written by idiots? Maybe it’s in some kind of mania to use tricks of the social networks like “sfotkatsya with a sign”? “Today Ukraine is nice,” reads the official statement of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry.
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Historical revisionism (Franz.)

A separate article in the French wiki there is a small subsection of revisionism as a phenomenon

For historians, revisionism is a term without any special connotation which means a critical approach to rationally revise certain accepted views of history, or the General public (mostly), or even professional historians, laymen of the period or a particular field of expertise. It is based on receiving new information, a review of sources and offers a new interpretation of history .

As has been said by Comte , history is fundamentally ambiguous discipline, where the interpretation of historical reality one has to deal with the truths of his time, the historian being called to expect the speech to him by his contemporaries, his company, in accordance with the prejudices of his time, his people, facilities, etc. a Vivid example is reported by Vidal-Nacka , it is the work of Michelet , the French construction of the eternal homeland, through the romantic reader (and sometimes romantic) historical facts. Therefore, every historian should be as “revisionist”. New materials, new sources, removing political barriers, ideological, sociological, etc., allowing him to reconsider and to lead with new vision, new information, new sources, additional elements in the design of the Story.
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The myth of the eternal poverty of the simple Russian people

Ordinary Russians throughout the millennial history of Russia lived in poverty – not what the enlightened Europe is another very popular myth. However, the foreigners who visited Russia, suggest otherwise.

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