The crisis in the country. The people are growing poor, the products are getting more expensive, the dollar is rising, oil is falling, in General, everything is OK. From what left, to that came. Motion in a circle, a ring, circular singing favorite Russian fun. What could be more enjoyable every few years to get back to basics? It is decaying in the Americas and Europe, people are trying to move forward, we do not need it. Our way is a step forward or two ago. A typical example of agriculture. First we plowed with horses, then the iron horse has replaced a rundown horse. Then we have the machines and other fancy equipment, and now we are back, forward, back to the horse and plow. As in agriculture, as in industry, private people back to basics. Fancy managery and their wives begin to save. But, all is not so conscious and correct in their decisions and purchases. I stop, with her, to the supermarket.

The shop is full of goods before the New Year, crates of vodka and champagne block all the passages. The impression that the soldering of the nation – it is not just tradition, it’s NAT. policy. Racks filled with tinsel and other Chinese new year decorations, rummaging in which ladies of various sizes and shapes. Men, digging in the bottles. More conscious, buying up the sets of bathing. In the New year must include: blurred, clean-shaven, with fumes and the knowledge that money is already there, and be celebrated for 12 days. Morning, with a hangover head it is necessary to reconsider the appeal of the President to recharge your pride and raise your CzW. Without the last, to survive for twenty thousand is very problematic, and the high level of CzW can undoubtedly lift your mood to the proper way. Then it will be possible to limit a glass of vodka, with a roar to put it on the table and shout: “fuck what poor, but we are proud. And rockets we have the most volatile and the most paduca bomb!”
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Hero for raspizdyaystvo!

Kungurov asks the eternal question: the pilot of the downed plane was given the hero of Russia?

But a hero is not enough, you’ll see. Already actively discussed the renaming of the lane near the Embassy in Turkey, the name of the hero and the installation of his bust in front of the damn Embassy. Pedestal with a stern look, the pilot will drill filthy Turks, poisoning their lives every day, according to the authors of the appeal to the Moscow authorities. The liberals own icon in the form of Nemtsov and the place where he was shot, patriotov now has its own icon is in the form of a pilot, shot down bomber.
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I’m sitting in a cafe, lacau coffee and visiting visitors. Basically, everyone is sitting and blunt in your gadgets, explore the news, the dollar. Stick into a phone and I don’t have time I open the app with the exchange rate, as the bell rings:

Sash, soon… we Tube…
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Fashion trend “a La Hitler”

Or Russianness or fascism. It is at the level of the cultural core. One or the other. And if this core is in Russia now offer to deliveryservice, then, therefore, he offered to ratifitsirovala, i.e. self-destruct.
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Syrian opposition liked to be friends with VKS RF

Original taken from alexey43 in the Syrian opposition liked to be friends with VKS RF

Original taken from aleks_aberdin in the Syrian opposition liked to be friends with VKS RF

But the friendship of the Syrian opposition is not exactly like Turkey, Sedulously Arabia and some other neighbors of Syria, which napravili in this country their trainers, because the planes of their HQs zeroed out with those freaks, which they were taught in their training camp. But the field commanderof Patriotic opposition has a chance to become legal policy in Syria.

The Russian space forces destroyed a large camp for training terrorists in Syria

December 23, 2015 18:18:49
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Barcelona. Given

But the main thing is that Given this distance from the viewer and an escape from normal communication with him understood and experienced. In its own way, very self-centered again. He wanted it solved and because so much work is puzzles. This is also indicated by a small “hall of fame”, when he Gave took away their best work. And most of them are still “normal”, that is, they have a message to me from the author. They are small, some are just thumbnails. Most of them I would like to consider carefully and without haste, but…
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December 23, 2015. Donetsk. About this and that – about interrelated events from the operation “Masquerade”.

The attack, about important events happening in the world and relevant to the events in the Donbass.

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