[Sandbox] move in the past. A small overview of the IBM ThinkPad 380ED

Recently, helping a friend to flash the computer for the airbag on his car, noticed he was in the garage a stack of old laptops. As it turned out, these notebooks gave him an old roommate American. Friend said that he was going to throw this “junk”, and I decided to pick them yourself. So I got seven old laptops.

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Acer Predator 15: when the game is worth the candle

Gaming laptops (those that do are somehow imprisoned in the game, and are not a universal multimedia-household models) are now experiencing not the best time. On the one hand, the world of PC iron the last 2 generations have been in relative stagnation. On the other… casual players have otbirali just multimediawiki (and fu-fu-fu console), and hardcore gamers laptops is usually small.

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The schoolgirl went on the bench because of innocent jokes in Contact

Schoolgirl Olga T. from Kemerovo fun decided to play a joke on a friend. She created a fake Facebook pagewhere they put real personal information of a friend, posted real pictures of yourself and added that a friend — a prostitute.

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The code of honor of Buryatia

Original taken from matveychev_oleg in the Code of honor of Buryatia

Honor is treated as an innate human feeling, an integral part of his personality. In the traditional system of values of culture of many peoples, the category of honor is more important than human life. Under the honor refers to a person’s awareness of their personal responsibility to their friends, family members, society and the recognition of human society as a person. People who observe the laws of honor, worthy of respect and has reason to be proud. Meanwhile, honor is a concept more internal, that is inherent in this category of person initially or he developed it during his life. This concept tends to deflect depending on individual foundations of concrete personalities, aptitudes, and living conditions. All this means that the honor concept is not absolute, but is multifaceted, including categories of both fixed and variable.

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Do not post photos with children. And here’s why…

Original taken from rama909 to Not post photos with children. And here’s why…

Original taken from inapal to Not post photos with children. And here’s why…

Surely, everyone of us have little kids in the family — daughters and sons, grandchildren, nieces and nephews… And we all have smartphones with constant Internet access and social networks.
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Forgiveness is very difficult, and sometimes impossible. It may be better just not to do those things for which you need to ask forgiveness?

Before death, many people begin to wonder. Everyone thinks about her, someone is sitting in the memory of the bad things that someone says is good, but all United in one way or another, people are thinking only about one thing: is there something there? A man selfish and vain, this is its basic stupidity, he naively believes that it’s necessary to leave something after itself, and really thinks that without him the world would be worse. No matter who you are, king or beggar, the world will not change after your death, there may be some events that will change the map of the world or something, but the scale of the universe, it is only a little spit in the vast ocean. For example, my grandfather once came up to me and put on the table a book about Jesus Christ that was given to me at school in the fifth grade. At the beginning of the 90s our English school came aliens, children of the new Russia, they were brought not only gum, like Huba Buba, but the literature of a religious nature. Then began a new fashion: do not love communism, and to love God. Therefore, the school administration did not oppose this literature. My grandfather was a Communist to the bone, died from a membership card under the pillow, the entire religion knocked out of him in the 37th, so the question: Why did he read it? Then and now, remains a mystery to me.
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Sleep Thomas

I have a friend, Tom call, told his recent dream. Details omitted, immediately asked: “Why Britain did a somersault – Brexit, after 43 years of membership in the European Union?” And he answers: “And then says that the place for one country to liberate.” And continues, says further that the British is a nuclear power and they exit from the Eurozone, so that it went the other nuclear powers.
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The wretched life.

– Gone! – shouted the man, slamming the door.

The woman did not even have time to go into the corridor, yesterday they got in a huge fight. Domestics, her husband came home a little tipsy, though no celebrations are on the horizon and there was no trace. She uttered him a portion of “compliments” and now, when he left for work, she was somehow uncomfortable with the fact that yesterday she snapped. She ran into the room to the window and saw him coming to the old Car, opens it and turns around, facing the window. The wife opens the window:
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Goethe’s Faust is a hymn to anthropocentrism, turning into selfishness (2)

We continue to publish parts of the third report on the Face on the “Faust” of Goethe. And this is the first report directly discussing the work itself and its author. In the first part of the report it was mostly about the common ground and the author of “Faust” and about the society that from which arose this great product. In the second part we will focus the relationship of Goethe and Faust.
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