What makes cigarette: not to look nervous!

A large part of our population smoke. While smokers believe that the cigarette is almost environmentally friendly product.

How could it be otherwise? Because it is composed of tobacco from the best plantations and tissue paper, which in principle can not carry any harm. But is it all true?
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The role of Faust in the Modern project

As if in continuation of the end of the previous report, the end of which was dedicated to the assessment of the influence of Goethe’s Faust to the twentieth century, the following report highlights the impact of the work of the great German poet of the Modern era in General.
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Without a Declaration of war

75 years have passed since that Sunday afternoon, when the German Nazi military units began the treacherous attack on the Soviet Union throughout its Western border. In our country today is the official day of mourning, flags at half-mast this day, at 12 o’clock the horn sounded. It is a tribute to the victims, the survivors from the crippled bodies and souls, to stand in the battle with death in battle, at the bench, in the field.
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Public reprimand

Almost two weeks have passed since the closing of our exhibitions in the Ural Federal University. This event caused a public outcry and was widely reflected in the media. I was toldthat condemnation is not enough and what do we see? Central “print” roller drive according to one of the startups scandal. The instigators have made a sort of public censure.
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