The history of the Soviet Union in the cover of the weekly magazine "Time"

AndStina, in detail.

Original taken from amarok_man in the History of the Soviet Union in the covers of the weekly “Time”

Critics degenerative art or That used in “the Tretyakov gallery”?

What to eat in “the Tretyakov gallery”?

Recently on TV showed the plot, in which the Director of the Tretyakov gallery” – a respectable woman in years and glasses, for which the pupil is not visible, is standing at the painting “Black square” painted by Malevich, with enthusiastic excitement talked about the depth of the space, which she fancied, in this very square.
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Covered Kazan

Original taken from kadykchanskiy in Covered Kazan

Original taken from algimady in Covered Kazan

In Kazan on Bauman street to Millennium city, by the year 2000, was built underground gallery. It is interesting that dug up the whole street. Existing studies in other cities show that there, under the ground. In Kazan it is possible.

The scene, fortunately frozen, dug up the street was blocked off and so left. It was assumed the use of the basement (first floor) existing buildings. The builders reached the foot of the foundations of buildings of the XVII-XVIII century. Write that nothing interesting was found. Now access underground is closed, but the network has a sufficient number of photos. It is clearly seen that the Windows of the first floor below ground level.
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Photorealistic pictures drawn by fingers

Original taken from anti_chief in Photorealistic pictures drawn by fingers

Spanish artist Jaime is One of Okubo writes amazing hyperrealistic paintings, as a brush is your finger, and the canvas serves as a touch display. For creating movies Jamie spends hundreds of hours, but the result is worth it. Now his works are exhibited in museums and galleries around the world, and to the artist came to fame.

The artist himself convinces everyone to take up painting, with no extra costs for materials and tools: “If you have a tablet or smartphone… then you have an entire art Studio in your pocket”.
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Two worlds – two engineers


The case of an engineer of the Ministry of defense, has stolen 14 million roubles from the cosmodrome “East”, went to court. What do you say? If a giant, sensitive and super important for the country today may be the object of such “incidents” is that all you can say about this system, the existence of the state and society? Can such a system to fully meet the challenges of the twenty-first century?
One of the chief engineers of the design Institute of the Ministry of defense of Russia Sergey Ostrovsky will be judged for misappropriation of 14 mln rubles allocated for the construction of the Vostochny space centre, informs “RIA Novosti”.

According to investigators, in 2011 in Moscow, Ostrovsky, being the eldest of the group of chief engineers of the project of OJSC “31 State design Institute of special construction of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation” and also General Director and founder of LLC “PSK MIKOS”, stole through fraud from the Federal budget more than 14 million rubles allocated for the fulfillment of design and survey works for creation of the launch complex of the Vostochny space centre.
Probably, it will be to compare a super-project of today – the Vostochny space centre and the super group of yesteryear is the construction of Magnitka, the late 20-ies in the USSR. It is possible, therefore, to compare and people who worked on these comparable in scale construction sites. With one of the main engineers of the “East” we have already “met”. Now let’s read a fragment from the novel by Ilya Ehrenburg the second Daydevoted to the construction of the Magnitogorsk metallurgical combine them. V. I. Lenin. One of the main characters of the story – ingieren the last name shore, burning at work and not thinking himself without the case, which is engaged in, which is.
“…Shor lived at the Top of the colony, away from the river. Once he woke up in the morning. He is awakened by a strange roar: there was a Blizzard and Barack scared creaked. Shore in horror thought: what will happen to the gallery? He looked at his watch: quarter to five. So on the river — none. Around torchlight furious worn white flocks. Shore dressed quickly. In the dark he ran to Tom. The Blizzard blew him off his feet. Climbing down, he fell, and the snow for a moment swallowed it. But he immediately got out from under the snow. He’s confused groping hands around — he was looking for a hat. But fearing to lose time, he ran to the river without a hat. He had one thought: what if gallery fell?.. He could feel the cold burning his ears. He fled. He reached the river. Here for the Blizzard had plenty of space, and Blizzard here was terrible. But the gallery was in place. Shore smiled. He walked to the middle barracks. Burned face, and thoughts were confused. Someone rubbed his ears with snow. He felt an extraordinary weakness. He barely spoke: “Tell him to send the horse”.
Once home, he lay down. He couldn’t breathe. Heart skip a beat. Left shoulder ached painfully. Shor knew that he was sick. In Moscow, the Swedish doctor strictly said shore: “the Heart is no good. So, darling, you will not last long. Go now in Kislovodsk!” Shore went to Kislovodsk, but to Kuznetsk. How could he think about some of the heart valves? His head was full of thoughts of iron.
He unbuttoned his shirt and thought, today is going to be there! But at nine the telephone rang. Shore had started: do with the gallery?.. Called the Gordin: the riveting is wrong — all the time the compressor stops. Shore said, “Now come.” He timidly touched his chest. He asked for restless heart to postpone the denouement. On the move he’d swallowed some bitter medicine.
Half an hour later, he joked with the riveters, “frost-a real drummer!” He remembered how he ran to the river, and suddenly shouted: “What a disgrace! Now go to get warm! So you can freeze, damn you all assholes!” He always swore, when he wanted to tell people something tender.
He went to the office. Of course, he never told anyone about his nightly anxiety. But the coachman reported Vasily Chernyshev, Chernyshev and asked sternly Shor, “What is this, Grigory? You would save yourself”. Shore smiled in embarrassment. He muttered: “Nothing special. Very simply — we might fall. And then how do you want to start afresh? And what does “take care of yourself”? It is even useful. This is what is called the exercise”.
It is unlikely that the latter could explain why Shor worked with such viciousness. He often forgot to eat. He went to work, not without taking a bath. When the Americans arrived, göring took him aside and whispered: “Grigory, you need to shave”. Shore suspiciously touched his cheek, which is overgrown with uneven bristles, and nodded: “sure, Sure! They want you to think that we are savages”.
He worked on the blast furnaces or over martinni as in the old days people loved of girls or prayed to God. The advice to take a vacation randomdeanna he replied: “that’s stupid! You should heal yourself — you have a bad complexion. And I’m healthy as an ox. Then, if things start to relax, who is going to build? The party is not Ivan Ivanovich, with the party not to be trifled with”.
…He was sent to London to sell the forest. He met with a major English engineer. The Englishman asked Shor: “How do you work in such miserable conditions? I read that in Russia rarely specialists tub, not to mention the car. Maybe you could tell me how much you earn such a specialist, how are you?” Shor looked at the Englishman, and in the eyes of the shore seemed deep fun. He said, “It’s called permaximum. Nonsense! Less than this porter. Maybe as a diplomat, I have to say otherwise. But I think the truth is much better. For example, I have no car. Sometimes I’m waiting for the tram for half an hour and, without waiting, go on foot. You have to wash in the bath: two hours lost. Our country is still very poor. You ask me how much I earn. I would reply: so much is in rubles. Translated into pounds harder. But this is not the case. I get the joy. How much, in your opinion, is the real joy — at least in pounds?..” The Englishman smiled politely.”

Do you think what kind of personality type – with the first or second – combined construction and launch of this breakthrough superproject?
And most importantly – why do you think so?

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