Takeoff is prohibited! In the New year’s eve “optimized” more than 1,500 employees of the Corporation MiG

Takeoff is prohibited! On the eve of the New year fired more than 1,500 employees MiG

Chief editor of the newspaper “News Corporation” Valery Ageyev
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Remained in service until the last day

Original taken from slavikap in Stayed in service until the last day

Original taken from mamlas in Stayed in service until the last day

Another of the biographies military

The son of two peoples, two armies Marshal: Konstantin Rokossovsky
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The white stub (2)

Described above the white stub operates today. How can you not see? Only being in this very impasse in which modern society is hard to pull desovietization.

Draw and speak about reconciliation. Talking about reconciliation and you run from the historical truth. But instead all breed and breed myths. Already, that the great works of M. Sholokhov about germination through the tragedy of the Civil war the new Russian project of Soviet Russia, turns into a story about how it happened that all collapsed, and brother turned on brother. So announced once again the notorious Dmitry Kiselyov, already Samarasya in promoting historical myths (in the history of Volkovym) output of the series “the Quiet don” – another historical soap pop contemporary Russian cinema.
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Venezuela. The turnout of voters.

While in Venezuela there is a counting of votes, look at the first available indicator of voter turnout released by the National electoral Council (CNE), which, indeed, shows that Venezuelans are extremely responsible attitude to these elections:
According to data from the CNE, the turnout of the election was 74,25%. This is a very high figure. For all modern history of elections (since 1998) is the third indicator. Record were the presidential elections of October 2012 and April 2013. At first defeated Chavez (alas, the last time), the second with a minimum gap Maduro. In the first case, the turnout was as much as 80 percent, the second – 79. So, people came to vote.

Apathy and inertia is not, the Venezuelans realize how important the issue is solved by them today. Who exactly has come – the supporters of the opposition or the government (but Venezuelan society is divided approximately in half) – is difficult to say. Clearly, in the mass order come those and those. The opposition – to take revenge, cavity – to preserve the gains of the Bolivarian revolution.
But in General, high voter turnout ceteris paribus more favorable power. First, it minimizes the possibility to accuse of falsification, which clearly will go to the opposition in case of loss. Secondly, if cavity realized and came to the polls, that is, “in full strength” (Maduro repeatedly said that sort need 10 million votes to secure a win), the chances of winning are greatly increased.
Waiting for the outcome of the vote.

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1864. Ruins. Judging by the date on the gate, collapsed after 1840

Took from the friend now.

Lindisfarne castle, a Norman arch. Great Britain, 1864
Линдисфарнский замок, Норманская арка. Великобритания, 1864

Abbey Byland. Great Britain, 1864
Аббатство Байланд. Великобритания, 1864
The Abbey of Jedburgh, the West gate. Great Britain,1864
Аббатство Джедберг, западные врата. Великобритания,1864
The Abbey of Jedburgh, South porch. Great Britain,1864
Аббатство Джедберг, южное крыльцо. Великобритания,1864
The Abbey Of Dryburgh. Great Britain, 1864
Аббатство Драйбург. Великобритания, 1864
Crowland Abbey, West facade. Great Britain, 1864
Аббатство Кроуленд, западный фасад. Великобритания, 1864
The Abbey Of Netley, UK. 1864
Аббатство Нетли, Великобритания. 1864
The Abbey Of Netley, UK. 1864
Аббатство Нетли, Великобритания. 1864
Whitby Abbey. Great Britain, 1864
Аббатство Уитби. Великобритания, 1864
The Abbey Of Holyrood (Holy Cross), 1864
Аббатство Холируд (Святого Креста), 1864
Castle Of Caernarfon. Great Britain, 1864
Замок Карнарвон. Великобритания, 1864
Kenilworth castle, Banquet hall. Great Britain, 1864
Замок Кенилуэрт, Банкетный зал. Великобритания, 1864
Kenilworth castle, tower. Great Britain, 1864
Замок Кенилуэрт, башня. Великобритания, 1864
Kenilworth castle, view from the brook. Great Britain, 1864
Замок Кенилуэрт, вид от ручья. Великобритания, 1864
Cahir Castle, Ireland, 1864
Замок Кэйр, Ирландия, 1864
Richmond Castle, United Kingdom. 1864
Замок Ричмонд, Великобритания. 1864
Castle the Rock of Cashel, Round tower. Ireland, 1864
Замок Скала Кашел, Круглая башня. Ирландия, 1864
Castle the Rock of Cashel, General view. Ireland, 1864
Замок Скала Кашел, общий вид. Ирландия, 1864
Castle the Rock of Cashel, the North transept of the Cathedral. Ireland, 1864
Замок Скала Кашел, северный трансепт собора. Ирландия, 1864
Herstmonceux Castle, UK. 1864
Замок Херстмонсо, Великобритания. 1864
Crowland, triangular bridge. UK.1864
Кроулэнд, трехсторонний мост. Великобритания.1864
Lindisfarne castle, Rainbow arch. Great Britain, 1864
Линдисфарнский замок, Радужная арка. Великобритания, 1864
Lindisfarne castle, General view. Great Britain, 1864
Линдисфарнский замок, общий вид. Великобритания, 1864
The Monastery Of Castle Acre. Great Britain, 1864
Монастырь Замка Акра. Великобритания, 1864
The Monastery Of Castle Acre. the Western facade. Great Britain, 1864
Монастырь Замка Акра. западный фасад. Великобритания, 1864
Priory Tinmouth. Great Britain, 1864
Приорат Тайнмаут. Великобритания, 1864

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Shoigu: Russia’s Nuclear forces is in full combat readiness


Perhaps we are much closer to global nuclear war than one would assume.
In any case, the constant pedaling our elite themes of Russia’s readiness for nuclear confrontation – thing unique in modern history.

And in mid-late Soviet period, as I remember, the conversations were mostly about what “world peace”, “if only there was no war” etc. And now what?
Shoigu: “Russia’s Nuclear forces are in combat readiness”:
This is the Minister of defense said at a closed government hour in the state Duma
The Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at a closed government hour in the state Duma said that the nuclear forces of the Russian Federation are in full combat readiness, reports “RIA Novosti”.
“The nuclear component of the strategic nuclear forces are in the operational status, and provide the parity and the security of our country. This was noted and reported to the deputies”, — quoted Shoigu, the head of the Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Komoedov.

Vladimir Putin on missiles with “special” b/h:
About beats from a submarine. Of course, we should analyse everything that happens on the battlefield, how the weapons works. And “Gauges”, and missiles X‑101, in General, have proven themselves very well. This new, modern and highly effective, we understand it now, precision weapons, and can be equipped as a normal warhead, and warhead, that is, with nuclear content.
Of course, in the fight against terrorists does not need any, hopefully never will need. But in General, this indicates a significant move forward from the point of view of improvement of weapons and equipment, which arrives in the Russian army and the Navy.

Instead of brute Khrushchev’s “Kuz’kina mother” came elegant “leaks” about superioridad, uncovered the warheads of the nuclear deterrent and other “rattling”, “pulling paddles” and a convex slide show “of armenizatsii” of the armed forces.
Here is one interesting point – all of these movements cannot be carried out without recognition of the fact that the Russian enemy. The enemy aimed at the destruction of our state by any means, until the means of nuclear attack. This recognition of the presence of the enemy must be not only spoken within our military and political elite, but also announced to the society, because without their mobilization to win in the confrontation impossible. The townsfolk and commoners war will not win.
The sooner we will have an open conversation military-political leadership with the people – the more time in reserve to mobilize to Win.

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Forty souls are howling in shifts, was white-hot


Shizofreniei military-political elite of the West is obvious. One has only to read the news – and all becomes at once of the mystery revealed.
Here , the NATO Secretary General “caught” myself in a lie Putin at his word:

“NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Vladimir Putin during his press conference confirmed the presence of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine. According to the Wall Street Journal, the head of the Alliance demanded that Russia withdraw its troops in accordance with the provisions of the Minsk agreements.
NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said that the Russian President confirmed the presence of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine. The Secretary General of the Alliance believes that during the press-conference Vladimir Putin announced the presence of Russian troops in the neighboring country.”

Meanwhile, open the transcript of the press conference of Vladimir Putin, and read:
“We never said that there are no people who are dealing with certain issues, including in the military sphere, but this does not mean that there are regular Russian troops. Feel the difference”, – quotes the Wall Street Journal the words of the Russian leader.
Congratulations to the NATO Secretary General done lied. ) Why to work so rudely? After all these punctures, and compiled public opinion about the adequacy of this or that politician.
And here the New York Post exercise in political acrobatics and illusionism:
“The recent statements of U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry as saying after a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that Washington is not trying to achieve “regime change” in Syria, indicate that the Obama administration “capitulated” and more will push for the departure of President Bashar al-Assad, according to American tabloid the New York Post. According to the observer newspaper, concessions Kerry will not allow the U.S. to achieve any diplomatic reciprocity from Moscow.
Initiated by Moscow in Syria “carpet bombing” finally resulted in “the first victory” of Russia: the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama “capitulated” and no longer requires care of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, writes the New York Post.
In the opinion of the Explorer edition, Assad, who brutally crushed the peaceful protests and unleashed the civil war in the country, was losing this war until, until Russia intervened. At the same time Moscow was not to bomb “Islamic state”, which “collaborates” the Syrian President, and opposing his group “rebels”, some of which support the United States, emphasizes the journalist. However, in Washington at first only “clicked his tongue”, and then “tried to find with Putin common language”, he complains.
And last Tuesday it became clear that American authorities are willing to go even further: Secretary of state John Kerry, who met with Vladimir Putin in Moscow, said the results of this meeting that the U.S. and its partners “are not trying to achieve the so-called regime change” in Syria, the author continues the article. “Fine, if after Assad will still remain the Syrians, Putin and ISIS will do with them as they please,” says he.”,

Lolshto? Assad and the alawites cooperate with radical Sunni Islamism in the face of ISIS? )))
Well it is clear that intellectual people, and modern political figures in American politics and journalism is not strongly overlapping many – but not that much? Well, you can also a little to study the subject? Or the task is simply to mislead the American people?

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