"the taming of the shrew". ( photos and documents )

From the book by A. Hinstein.

Today declassified documents of the KGB is known, for example, that since the end of October 1956. across the border with Austria and Yugoslavia were transferred a large number of emissaries of the CIA.
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On the events in Turkey do not jump to conclusions. Do not smack fever.

About “not juvenile” juvenile law

Let the defender anti-family laws the opportunity to speak, and you will understand the essence of the struggle of Parental resistance to the laws Krasheninnikov. Listen juvenile attorney Maria Yarmush:
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Turkey. Coup

Original taken from el_murid in Turkey. Coup

A military coup in Turkey. Army shooting at the headquarters of the security services, the General staff announced the seizure of power in the country and bring the situation under control. Turkish television has stopped broadcasting. The bridges under control.

In General, a classic of the genre. The permanent transition of power in despotism is always through a coup. In normal countries – through elections and running a democracy.
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