What’s wrong with Christmas?

A week ago last weekend the weekend in Nizhny Tagil was held the celebration of “Christmas eve”. More than a hundred children of Sverdlovsk region took part in it. Children’s party is always nice. That can compare with a happy child smile? The answer is obvious. The question is different.
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Want to return to Russia

Writes zazerkaliya : “Living abroad for 17 years. Everyone is always happy, and now all is well. But lately more and more often I catch myself thinking that I want to Russia. I want to move to Belgorod or in the area, I have relatives there, from there my roots. I want to translate mom, she is now in another city lives.

The pride of the Bundeswehr “sprang a leak”

Fighting vehicle Puma — the pride of German military equipment. A year ago, the Bundeswehr officially handed the keys to the vehicle, which, according to the manufacturer, is the “most powerful and modern infantry fighting vehicle in the world” (and the most expensive – approx judgesuhov).
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Hitler did not believe…

A month after the outbreak of war the Nazis (allegedly) destroyed the air forces of the Soviet Union. In this way, then balaboly solidarity with bullshit (“liberals”, anti-Soviet), the current (and other Rezun). However it is unclear if anyone to Sep destroyed on vostochnom front almost all of the Luftwaffe (i.e., number of aircraft with which the Germans entered the war) is not clear. Well, okay.
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