Of the “benefits” of eating raw food and other fads and what’s behind it

…Hardly anyone will argue that the differences between male and female body due to the role that each sex plays in procreation. And it is difficult to prove that there are any exceptions from this statement. Including the fact that women have more body fat, suggests that the presence of such interlayers is a necessary condition to ensure a normal pregnancy and gestation.

The people always existed confidence that excessive thinness is an obstacle for the normal passage of pregnancy.
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The world social forum 2016: what happens in the alter-globalization?

Recently completed the annual world social forum is the main platform of the global anti-globalization movement. On the pages of the leading electronic media and pages of Newspapers, this event did not get. They are interested in the anti-globalization movement only when attacking the “McDonald’s” or organize riots and clashes with the police. I propose to look into the forum closer to understand, than there lives the modern anti-globalization social protest:
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About the leftist movements and the future

The experience of left movements in Latin America tells us that without serious consideration of the psychological and economic issues the social revolution in the modern world impossible. Dreams and theories (Marxist, or national liberation) is not enough. Attempts social preobrazovania society rests in the reproduction of the human type, who need the conversion, which is ready to fight for it and to protect and develop. This appears to be a common feature of collapsed or passed to the defense of left-wing projects from the Soviet Union to Venezuela.
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The collapse of the Internet is expected seven years

Original taken from dmgusev in the Collapse of the Internet is expected seven years

Comfortable life related to the development of the Internet may soon come to an end. The bandwidth of communication channels in the coming years will no longer deal with the growing need of the population of the planet in quick information, scientists warn. There is a possibility that fiber optic cables will not withstand the load on the network.

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Ate you’re a tourist on Shabbat, it is Putler to blame

–> http://kv-journal.su/content/krepche-za-baranku-derzhis-shofer

In France, according to the established tradition – a new terrorist attack. Multi-ton truck safely drove into the protected zone on the promenade des Anglais in nice, rammed a crowd of onlookers gathered to gawk at the fireworks for Bastille Day, and began to flatten human chops.
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The reasons of activation of parasites.

Dsalary Smotrina K. V. B. E. G. “disasters and catastrophes is the main threat to planetary and Eurasian security at the entrance to III Millennium BC.”

Halford Mackinder: Who owns the Heartland owns the world island, who owns the world island, possesses the world“.
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Russia and China kill European metallurgy

Seven countries, including France, Britain and Germany urged the European Union to take measures to save choking metallurgical industry, which has suffered from falling prices and cheap imports from China and Russia.

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Khazin. Forecast for the year.

Original taken from alexey43 in Khazin. Forecast for the year.

The trouble is that whatever the scenario is not won, for the second. At all. These people don’t simply cease to control the top political power, it does nothing, there is always time for revenge, no, they will fall out of the global elite, having lost all sources of funding. This will be a total disaster to deal with in advance of which does not.

It is for this reason I believe that the contradictions between the two directions of U.S. foreign policy (Kerry and Clinton) will not simply increase, they will take is frankly obscene form, with the organization of terrorist attacks and political assassinations (such as the killing of the U.S. Ambassador in Libya in the promotion of which I suspect “team Clinton”). I do not exclude that 2016 will go down in history as the “reincarnation” of 1968, with the assassinations of Martin Luther king and Robert Kennedy and even surpass this year. Again, agree this won’t work – as a result of the crisis should choose one of the basic economic scenarios (world financial system at the expense of the U.S. economy or, on the contrary, the U.S. economy at the expense of resources of the global financial system) and no desires or actions of specific people this situation can not change.
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Three chess games USA vs. Russia. While 0:2

The refugee problem in Europe, falling oil prices, instability in the middle East — all the results of the policies of neoconservatives in the USA. They do not care about the fate of any of his or other peoples. They are not acting in the interests of peace, they are trying to the last to keep their power, to preserve the hegemony of the United States. So says the economist, writer, specialist on financial matters Pravda.Ru Ron Holland.

Три шахматных партии США и России. Пока 0:2
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