Question on filling: who is it?

Publish the second question on zasypku. For regular readers of the blog to answer it will not be difficult)) That found a gallery of graffiti famous one (I will not say where, otherwise will guess right) street hudoznika. Now share a selection of his works. But the fragments of his newly made graffiti. Dovetales, a prominent politician he paints?)) A little hint: the farther to look at a photo of the Lesce guess.

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Latin American political graffiti (compilation)

In a previous post I asked the question on a fragment of graffiti. Yes, it was Hugo Chavez. Recently in Venezuela on a graffiti festival came znameniy Argentine street artist Nazza. He works anonymously, i.e. does not leave signatures on his paintings. And not because is afraid of prosecution, but because he believes that his art belongs to the people. And now a selection of his and some other graffiti:
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