About directed mutation

1mutantIn 1988 Professor, Harvard school of public Health, John Cairns and his collaborators made the following message in the influential journal “Nature”: “He is possible that in cells there is a mechanism that selects the desired mutation.” [J. Cairns, J. Overbaugh, and S. Miller, 1988, Nature, 335, pp. 142-145]

Cairns and his staff put such an experiment: they created a strain of bacteria unable to digest lactose (milk sugar), and then fed them exclusively on lactose. It was expected that in these conditions, in the absence of suitable food, the bacteria cannot reproduce and will remain in the inactive state. Instead, some bacteria have mutated one of their genes so that he began to produce the enzyme that helps to digest lactose, these bacteria mutants were perfectly reproduce. The researchers, amazed by his discovery (“I can’t believe this could happen”), underscore the far-reaching conclusions, Continue reading “About directed mutation”