About Ministry of education Vasilyev, first estimations

August 19 became known that the new Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation instead of Dmitry Livanov will be Olga Vasilyeva, Deputy Directorate for public works projects of the presidential Administrationhttp://kremlin.ru/acts/news/52733)
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When the photos are proof?

Original taken from apxiv in When the photos are proof?

About the epic debate that has unfolded in the comments to the post are Investigating the simulators NASA and the trick of Copperfield, will lead a figurative comparison. For example, steep experts made very high-quality photos and videos with a plot: “Igor Greek on the moon watching the Earth rise”, “Igor Greek on the ISS in zero gravity in acrobatics and Igor Grek in the open space to show off like a worm on a hook, imitating the first postprogram Leonov and white.

Post in LiveJournal and ask the question how is this done?
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Change the style of organizing information

Original taken from serj_aleks in the Change of style of organizing information

It loses any sense to continue to post meaningful information about the development of the project “Common History” (Emphasis project). Started the classification to its present here information on historical topics by a process similar to that which I know, is chispa1707, in their posts here in LJ. To discuss the project the best option consider the revitalization of the forum of the project. Turn in the reading mode and the high local and important, from my point of view, the census LJ. Basically, it was a satisfactory laboratory, but as I said in the blog, network platform, which ceased to develop technologically There are more modern and functional tools on the network to publish and organize information. The further course of the development of the project will be focused here:

Forum of the project
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About Polish-Ukrainian friendship and historical dignity

In the picture the mother of the General, Vera Efimovna. It was her third funeral of the son in 1944: in February, from battle wounds died her son, Athanasius, in March died at the front, the youngest son of Fedor, and now she buried a third son. Rename the Avenue named her son in honor of his killers, it is a slap in the memory of this heroic woman, who gave the war of three sons.
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Twenty-first century, as the point of bifurcation – the time of the change of epochs.

The report itself was quite lengthy, contained many distractions and illustrations. And since it has a rather indirect relation to Goethe’s “Faust”, we put only the main points from the report of our comrade, Nicholas P..
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Memorial Mannerheim: an analogue statue of Truman in Hiroshima.

What can be compared to the installation in the Leningrad memorial plaque Mannerheim? The examples suggest themselves. And what is it? Neoplasia sauce kvazipatriotizm? Yes what kind of patriotism can be discussed here, even with the prefix “quasi”…
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